Purples end regular season with a 9 and 1 record. With the exception of about a 20 minute meltdown at St X, they could/would have run the table.

Special Teams - B+ This year Special Team squad has done an above average job. Jr. Lee Ramsey has greatly improved his leg strength as well as his accuracy (should be top 5 kicker in Bluegrass next season). Rarely will you see an opposing team advance the ball past the 30 on kickoff returns past the Purples.

Defense - B+ Purples do great job against the run and are typically lights out against the pass. Tre Fant has to be the defensive MVP with 9 picks in 10 games. Much can be said about our line backers as well. Some across state think their Defense is as good as Purples; not so fast. What separates Purples with most other squads is our stats in the 2nd half. Our defensive coaches are simply the best at making halftime adjustments.

Offense - A Jr. Jamele Carothers has 17 TDS with around 950 yards in 10 games. He has a real chance to be alltime leading scorer at BG when he hangs it up after next season. Jr. Clark Payne has stepped in the QB position and has done a fantastic job. 21 TDS with only 4 picks. 65% completion rate. Very heady, accurate player.

Could have gone into greater detail in all areas but bottom line is Purples had a great season and are primed for another run. Without looking over any team the Purples have week 3 circled on the calendar. Purples and Red Devils go way back. Much respect. Should be a doosey.

Food for thought. Next season our skills will be QB Payne, RB Carothers and WR Wilson (12 receiving TDS this year). A few starters on our O Line will return (it really won't matter with Carothers being so good). Add a large group of upcoming solid players should make a very special season. I believe we will have 8 running clock games out of 15 games with a perfect season.

First things first. Good luck Purples. 5 more wins!