Very few, if any, Purple followers thought that after week 8 that the Purples would be standing at 7-1. In fact, the Purples had a genuine chance of being 8-0 if it wasn't for a dropped interception late in the game vs McCallie. The question marks that people had of the Purples before the season started has truly been answered.

Can Campbell Gott step in and lead this team? Answer: yes. Campbell has answered any naysayers about his leadership capabilities. He has thrown 20 TD passes with only 2 ints. He has connected several 3rd and long conversions and maybe the biggest surprise to many has been his capability to run for the first down. It was said at the beginning of the year that Campbell did not have to try to be the next Devin Hayes. Devin Hayes he is not but a solid high school QB he is. I don't think any of the Purple faithful would trade him for any of the other local QB's. Quarterback A

Will our Wide Receivers be OK without Mr. Football? One would be foolish to not want Nacarius Fant on the field. By the way, No way is the Feggins kid even in the same class as Fant. Our receivers have done good but not great. We know the potential is their for Lofton but he just can't quite get over the hump. Of course, having mono mid-season does not help matters. Cam Wallace is a huge loss. He would probably have been the highest college recruit on this team with his size. If Purples go on to win another ring without Wallace catching in the clutch it will show you how much difference is in the Purples and the rest of 5A. Receivers B-

Can our running game survive without the speed of Pillow and the 1,000 yards of Tisdale? Answer: Yes and again I say yes! Not only have the Purples thrived in the running game but they may even be better with the run than last year. I don't think many Purple followers will argue this: Next year will arguably be the best backfield the Purples will have ever had with Jacob Yates and Carruthers returning. Both of these kids are very special Highschool players. Running Game A+

O Line and D Line: Really the success thus far for the Purples begins and ends here. There are probably not two better O & D lines in all of the commonwealth. The offensive line has opened up holes, given Gott time to deliver and have really far exceeded what many thought they would be. The defensive line is what we thought they would be and then some. To put it simple: D-line is lights out! Could be the best D-line the Purples have ever had. Not many teams you will see has a stronger, faster D-line that the Purples.
O & D line A+

Can our Linebackers and Defensive backs hold up during the games we really need them? I guess you could ask St. X, McCallie and Central. They have done remarkably well. Everyone knew that last year LB, Lincoln Quick may not be a top college prospect but you wont find many better Highschool linebackers than him. This unit collectively has equalled out what Lincoln did for us. Throw in moving Holt to the D-line and you come up with a very highly rated defensive unit. Our Defensive backs played their best game of the year against Warren Central. Linebackers and DB's B+

Though the season is not over, most Purple followers thought the Purples could be anywhere from 8-2 to 6-4 for the regular season. Many games left to play but it is looking like a real possibility the Purples could go 14-1. No disrespect to anyone, especially Pulaski County but this is just how I see it.

The remaining weeks will be fun to watch for this over-achieving team. You have to give the coaches and this team major props. Most of this years starters are first year starters! This is literally a brand new team that really has not minded flying under the radar. Not many people had a lot of faith in them due to the special class that graduated last year. Hats off to you 2014 Purples. Keep up the good work!