Bowling Green 21 John Hardin 0 (Frosh)

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    Bowling Green 21 John Hardin 0 (Frosh)

    Bowling Green Freshman defeated the John Hardin Freshmen 21-0 in a game shortened by the BG Bus being delayed on I-65 behind an accident. Plus the game was played on their practice field (which was in fine shape), which did not have lights. So the teams got in a shortened half and 1.5 possessions of the 3rd Quarter.

    For Bowling Green, RB Matrix Halcolm and HB Carress Zehner were again outstanding running the ball behind a solid OLine. QB Spencer Newman continues to improve and had 4 or 5 fine throws 2 of which resulted in TDs! The BG D was also solid led by a penetrating Dline.

    For John Hardin, although I don't know any names, I really liked their QB. He was elusive and was deceptively fast as he made plays with his feet when there wasn't much there. He also has a good arm and make a couple good throws. JHs biggest issue were their lines seemed to be a work in progress and had trouble keeping the BG Dline out of the backfield. Their RB was a hard runner and they had a nice looking LB.

    Always love going to John Hardins field as I reminisce that 2012 Hook N Ladder Game in the State Semi-Finals!!!
    Go Purples!

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    Young Purples having a great year.

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    John Hardin is in extreme transition. I'm hearing that the enrollment numbers are continuing to dwindle. The middle school program that feeds the school is doing awful in football, the next couple of years will be interesting.