BluegrassPreps' Western Kentucky Power Rankings - Week 11 & Playoff Preview - Final

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    BluegrassPreps 2019 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 11 & Playoff Preview Edition

    Concerning the top story line for this week: Defenses across the west took a back seat to offenses this week for the most part! Man, we had some BIG numbers put up this, the final week of the regular season! And you also know what that means right - the third season has arrived: Playoff Time! The time most of us cherish most, as teams prepare for the win or go home drama ahead! Looking back, we have had some terrific football this season! These playoffs seem pretty open (At least initially) with many teams in the West capable of making deep playoff runs! But does the new playoff structure hurt our Western Kentucky Teams loaded into the same district? It certainly does in 4A! But you tell me… Get your honey-do’s out of the way Sports Fans and get out and watch some playoff High School Football! Nothing like it!

    Week 11 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: I’ve been pretty good at picking solid, hard-hitting, close games this year and am glad I end on a Great One!
    2A Mayfield (9-1) 53 at 4A Madisonville-North Hopkins (8-2) 50.
    It was 50-Burgers all around in Madisonville on Friday night! What a Ball Game! Mayfield was up over 3 TDs at halftime, but after what I’m sure was a stern halftime encouraging speech from Coach Burgett, the Maroons came out with quite a bit of fire in the second half and stormed ahead 50 to 43 in the 4th Quarter! Mayfield then tied it up at 50. Madisonville then throws a big INT! Mayfield then takes it all the way down to the Maroons 1 yard line and chooses to kick the game winning field goal with 9 seconds on the clock! Holy Moly! Great game by both team! I look for Mayfield to play in Lexington in Week 5 of the Playoffs with this win here! No doubt in my mind! For Madisonville, all is not lost, but you did drop from a #1 seed playing a cupcake at home to being a #3 seed and going to tough Logan County. So QUITE a difference there! Rise up Maroons!!!

    Week 11 Top 10:
    10) Tie Glasgow (3A)
    – PR: 12; 2019 Record (9-1) [District Record 3-0] – RPI – 0.638 : Week 11: Win 28-21 vs 4A Old Rival Franklin Simpson (5-5). GREAT game right here! At the end of 1Q – 0-0; at halftime 14-14; at the end of the 3Q 21-21! On to the 4th Q! Both teams trade TDs and then Glasgow gets a 60 yard end around run to put the ball at the Wildcats 1 yard line prior to RB Nick Mitchell running it in for the winning score! Thanks to our good friend @FSfan for the great updates in this one! I really felt Glasgow belonged in the Top 10 of this ranking at the end of the year! I also didn’t see a need for Tilghman to drop from a close road loss to a top 6 team! So I split the difference here!

    Playoff Snapshot: This is one of the better Scotties teams I can remember! They are deep for a 3A school, athletic and very physical on the lines! They will be a tough out! Very nice season Scotties!

    District Rounds: I would consider Glasgow losing in the first 2 rounds of the playoffs to be a major upset and I don’t look for that to happen. But to not prepare for Taylor County would be a mistake. Still, Glasgow with way too many weapons IMO!

    RPI Rounds: Glasgow’s RPI rating, if the top ranked teams advance that would put the Scotties in the 4 seed and traveling more than 3 hours one way to Paducah to take on the (#10 Tie-Mate) talented Blue Tornado’s!

    Purple 88 Pick: Scottie Nation will roll this early competition in my book! They will roll over to Paducah and give everything they have! I personally think this game is dead even. With that said, I look at other things, like a 3 hour bus ride, which I counterbalance with Glasgow clearly having better passing abilities. So if Glasgow can contain the Tilghman run game, I like their chances! With all that said, I look back at Glasgow nearly defeating South Warren and I will take that as my deciding factor to pick Glasgow 28-27 in the best 3A 3rd Round game! From there, I’m pulling for Glasgow all the way! Go Scotties!

    10. Tie Paducah Tilghman (3A) – Preseason Rank (PR): 7; 2019 Record 7-3 [District Record 3-0] – RPI – 0.665: Week 11: Loss 17-15 vs 4A Hopkinsville (7-3). What a game here! Defenses made some really big plays in this one! It was 15-14 Tilghman after 3 quarters and neither team could get a lot of offense going, but Hoptown managed to get to the 22 yard line of Paducah Tilghman with seconds to play and kicked a 32-yard field goal to win the game! Thanks to our good friend @TilghmanPride who gave great updates on this one! It should be noted that Tilghman started a Freshman at QB in this game, so that will keep your play calling more vanilla than most games. Jayden Freemen for Tilghman starred in this game for Tilghman and talented DE Tim Watkins was one of many who played well for the Tilghman D!

    Playoff Snapshot: The Blue Tornados have been really solid this year! Think about it; they have only lost to Mayfield, vs the #1 Ranked 3A School (DeSales) and now to a very good Hopkinsville squad on the road with a Freshman QB by a field goal at the buzzer. No shame there! I think Tilghman was making some marked strides in the passing game, but injuries seem to have stalled that. Now, we know they can run the ball, but it feels the highest high for Paducah seems to be known. But if you can stop that run game then it will really hamper Tilghman’s likelihood to win. Plain and simple. But I love their solid scheduling and really feel that it has set the foundation to give the Blue Tornados the chance at a significant playoff run!

    District Rounds (1st and 2nd Rounds): I just don’t see one of Tilghman’s District Mates coming to Paducah and beating them this year. So if they lose before Round 3, I will be very surprised. With that said, I would say Tilghman’s Floor is Week 3 of the Playoffs.

    RPI Rounds (3rd & 4th Rounds): Tilghman has a great RPI rating, actually second best in All of 3A! So if they can win, Tilghman will host all the way to the State Championship Game! With that said and like you read above, I think Glasgow comes calling in the 3rd Round! I think that is a razor tight game and could go either way! I picked Glasgow above due to their better passing game and playing a really solid South Warren team to a 1 point loss. Those are better accolades than Tilghman has, but Tilghman is at home and that’s a big deal and do those other things really matter! I could see the Blue Tornado’s winning that game and if they did I could see the DeSales Colts come calling again!

    Purple88 Pick: The Blue Tornados tomahawk Poor Ole’ Hart County, who needed an extra tank of fuel just to get over to the Purchase! They beat Trigg County to win 3A District 1 again! They play Glasgow really tough, but QB Tanner Abernathy just makes 1 more play! Terrific season though Blue Tornado’s!!!

    9. McCracken County (6A) – PR: 9 (2019 Record 6-3; District Record 2-1) – RPI .572 - Week 11 Results – Win 19-14 vs 5A Christian County (0-10). The Mustangs eke out a surprisingly tight game vs winless Christian County (although I’d say Christian County is likely the best 0-10 team I know of – for what that’s worth)! Thanks to our good friend @00Rocket28 who reported star RB Hunter Bradley suffered a bad ankle injury where the game was stopped and Bradley was carted off the field. I am certainly sad to here this news so close to the playoffs, as Mr. Bradley is a VERY talented young man! This led to statements of the Mustangs “lost a lot of wind in their sails”! So it will have to be “next man up” for the Mustangs with more doses of Wheat to Hayes in my book!

    Playoff Snapshot: The Mustangs had put themselves in position to ramp up for a good playoff run, but I’m not liking this “losing wind” tone here! And don’t look now but Round 1 just got A LOT more interesting in Paducah!!!

    District Rounds – The Mustangs have owned 6A District 1 since they became a school. But if Bradley can’t go and knowing you’re going to get a double team on Hayes all night, I get more and more concerned all the time as the Apollo Eagles could be the most improved team in the West in the second half of the year! Get through that game and Hendo or Daviess will give you a game as well. Without Bradley, is McCracken still the favorite in this District? You tell me…

    RPI Rounds – McCracken County’s RPI rating is 7th best in 6A, which is pretty good, if they could get past district foes, you would be on the road if no upsets occur against potentially the Male Bulldogs. That’s not good.

    Purple88 Pick: Understanding that I have no idea if Bradley can play or not, in making this decision I am going with the upset, as I think Apollo, as long as they can weather the bus ride over (and this ain’t the first rodeo for @coachhawk) I think they have the team that can compete here and pull the upset. It’s that simple. Will they get upset and will Bradley play? I don’t know, but I’m putting this game on Upset Alert Right Now!

    8. Henderson County (6A) – PR: Not Ranked (NR) (2019 Record 7-3) [District Record 3-1) – RPI 0.561 - Week 11 Results: Loss 22-16 at 5A Owensboro! Henderson kept battling in this game! Whenever you go to Rash Stadium it will be a tough game, but the Colonels kept coming and were up by 1 point after 3 quarters. But the Red Devil defense is one of the best units around this season and Hendo just couldn’t muster anything in the second half and Owensboro did most of their damage on the ground and ran the final TD in within the 4th quarter! Good effort and good game to prepare you for the playoffs Hendo! Go Colonels!

    Playoff Snapshot: Of all the teams in the West, I have missed most on Henderson County this season. I didn’t even have them ranked in the Top 20 in the Pre-Season and they have REALLY battled to be where they are now. Truth be told; they should have also beaten Anderson County and Daviess County. So I think they could easily be 9 and 1 and another fortunate bounce or two and dare I say 10 and 0! The holidays are coming, so the Colonel Fans can make wishes too!

    District Rounds: (Rounds 1 & 2) – These games are going to be a battle. There is no doubt about that. You lost in OT to a rugged and solid Daviess County squad before, but that was in Daviess County. Now with revenge on your side and playing at home, I like Hendo to move on to Round 2. From there, I’ve picked Apollo in the upset. If that were to play out, it would be another good game. And if McCracken ends up winning Round 1, Hendo drives and it would be another battle for sure.

    RPI Rounds: 6A District 1 is low RPI Man on the Totem Pole this year and whoever makes it out of the 2nd Round of the Playoffs will have to travel and that’s not a good spot IMO.

    Purple88 Pick: My gut tells me Hendo still has quite a bit left in the tank and I think they take care of both Daviess County and the winner of McCracken County and Apollo. But from there, I don’t like their chances against the likes of Male, Manual/St X, and North Hardin or Central Hardin. But hey, this has been a ground breaking year for Henderson County IMO. They finally beat the McCracken County beasts in the regular season and now have another home playoff game! Those are big building blocks to me. And should you get to Round 3, you have a punchers chance so punch away Colonels! Go Colonels!!!

    7. Logan County (4A) – PR: 10 - 2019 Record 8-2; [District Record 3-1] – RPI 0.565 - Week 11 Results: Loss 53-6 at 5A South Warren (9-1). Just wasn’t meant to be Cougar fans! You simply played a better team last Friday night. South’s defense just will not give up rush yards to most teams. They have a very talented secondary and it puts a ton of pressure on your offense. So you tend to gamble and most of the time you lose on those and then add a couple defensive scores/set up scores for South and its 53 to 6. Head up Cougars, as there isn’t anyone that resembles South Warren to face anytime soon! I have just heard that Star QB Tyler Ezell is likely not to play in the game this upcoming Friday! I am truly sorry to hear this! This young man has been a staple in the Cougars return to prominence and an absolute Warrior on the football field! Sincere thoughts go to him as he hopefully recuperates soon!

    District Rounds – 4A District 1 is one of the toughest districts around! These games are going to be real battles! Madisonville comes to Logan County where a rematch of the best 2-minute drill of the season was conducted by Logan County that allowed them to score basically on the final play to steal this regular season matchup on the road 26-24! Look, this game WAS simply a toss-up. I think Madisonville has the revenge factor going for them and now if Ezell can’t go, I just don’t see how they beat a very good Madisonville team! What say you?

    RPI Rounds – Logan County’s RPI rating is down around 7, so should the Cougars get through they will be on the road with likely opponents being Franklin Simpson, Franklin County or Shelby County.

    Purple88 Pick: I really like this Logan County team and Coach Adler! And Star QB Ezell and RB Gary Hart have been generational players for Logan County. I hate to see this run come to an end when they are both not on the field! With that said, I am picking Madisonville in the first round and would pick Hopkinsville in the second. That’s not to say the Cougars can’t win, but for me they won’t be favored! But prove me wrong Cougars and GREAT work again this year! Go Logan County!

    6. Hopkinsville (4A) – PR: 6 - 2019 Record 7-3; [District Record 3-1] – RPI 0.602 - Week 11 Result: Win 17-15 vs 3A Paducah Tilghman (7-3). Terrific game for both teams to get them playoff ready! Back when Hoptown was Team Cupcake, they had a better record but I didn’t feel very strongly for them to have the pedigree to move forward against tough teams in the playoffs. That’s not the case this season and this game speaks to that. This is a very sound Tilghman squad and Hoptown had to play sound football to win and they did that! Coach Clayton has done a super job since returning to his hometown! The Tiger defense was the star of this game and they are a formidable unit!

    Playoff Snapshot: Just a difficult district with 2 other capable, worthy teams to battle yet again! Except Hoptown will only have to battle one thanks to beating Tilghman! The Tigers can easily go a long way, but the journey (after Round 1) will be filled with peril throughout. Should be a heck of a show! The Tiger defense is underrated and their offense has a good balance that they are still working on. Don’t discard this Tigers team!

    District Rounds: With Hopkinsville’s win and Logan County and Madisonville’s losses, Christmas has come early for the Tigers as they earn the #1 seed and stay away from the other 2 top District teams and can simply wait for week 2 as I’m giving them a pass against poor ole’ Calloway County. They will have to play very well to get that second round win, but they will clearly be the fresher team and play at home, so you have to like their chances!

    RPI Rounds: Hoptown’s RPI rating is about 6th and they would have a good chance to host the likes of Louisville Moore, Franklin County or Franklin Simpson. I like that opportunity for Hoptown if they can earn it!

    Purple88 Pick: I think this Hoptown team is sitting in a “preferred” spot. I mean most coaches would select to be in Hoptown’s spot! With that said, the second round will be an absolute battle! I like Hoptown’s chances a lot and think they are the favorite right now in their district, but it’s not by much! From there, I would like the Tigers in the 3rd Round, but it would be hard to pick them against Boyle County or Johnson Central. But we all know what Franklin Simpson was able to do to those perceptions, so go take your best shot Tigers – I’m pulling for you!!!

    5) Madisonville – North Hopkins (4A) – PR: 5; 2019 Record 8-2; [District Record 3-1] – RPI 0.598 - Week 11: WESTERN KENTUCKY – GAME OF THE WEEK: Loss 53-50 vs 2A Mayfield (9-1). It’s tough to lose a game when you score 50 points in a football game, but what a shootout! The Maroons’ losses have both been tough, stinging losses against 2 very fine teams by a total of 5 points! While there is not shame there whatsoever, in order to advance deep in the playoffs as I know Madisonville wants to, they are going to have to start making plays in the 4th Quarter to make that happen. But will they? You tell me…

    Playoff Snapshot: After I saw the Maroons beat my Purples in the Hoptown 7v7 tournament this summer, I have really felt this was their year. I still feel this way, but not nearly as boldly now. To have the top RB (and by association the best OLine) in the State and SR QB Hayden Reynolds is one of the most undervalued QB in the State. And this hidden offensive balance can continue to pay off for the Maroons! But they play in the District of Death so anything can happen, but if I have a gun to my head, Madisonville moves onto Round 2 of the Playoffs, but from there? I’m not sold on that!

    District Rounds: This matchup with Logan County would have been one of the most competitive games in Rounds 1 in the entire State! But I think without Ezell at QB for Logan County, I look for Madisonville to control this game and move on to Hopkinsville! I am leaning with Hopkinsville due to their Bye and playing at home in Round 2.

    RPI Rounds: Madisonville’s RPI is 7th in 4A! If they could make it to the 3rd round, I like their chances a lot in that game! That would likely be the end of the road, but I look for this Madisonville team to be a very tough out so keep fighting Maroons!

    Purple88 Pick: I just think Madisonville will use the revenge angle well and come out with a solid win at Logan County. Travel to Hoptown the next week and just run out of gas in the second half. If you look at the Big 3 and games they have played against each other, all but Madisonville lost the second of back to back games, but that was likely due to consequences associated with being out of the district race. I am going with Hoptown in this 2nd round rematch by a very close margin! Prove me wrong Maroons!

    4) Owensboro (5A) – PR: 8; 2019 Record 9-1; [District Record 5-0] – RPI 0.663 - Week 11: Win 22-16 vs Old Rival 6A Henderson County (7-3). Red Devils get a hard fought home win to prepare them for the playoffs! Thanks to our good friend @Brown who gave great reports of this game! QB Gavin Wimsatt was the star on offense with his legs instead of his arm and produce yet another weapon for the Red Devils. But truth be told though, without Imonte Owsley, this team will go as far as their defense takes them. And don’t look now, but Star All-State LB Austin Gough is back in the Red Devils lineup and led the team with 13 tackles last Friday vs Henderson County! That’s significant in my book! Owensboro could go a long way! Let’s take a look below!

    Playoff Snapshot: Owensboro may have found the Old Nebraska Corn Huskers route to the National Championship/State Championship under Tom Osborne, where they didn’t play any really tough teams and would up at the end every year. I look for Owensboro to dominate their District for at least the next 3 years before potential realignment throws kinks for all back in the mix. And they look as they will stay clear of 5A District 2 for that foreseeable future as well. So if I asked Coach Fallin if he would take a road game at a talented team with a trip to the State Finals on the line every year, what do you think he would say? I know I’d take that in a heartbeat! What say you Red Devil fans!!!

    District Rounds: NEXT… Really, I think Graves County can hang around for a couple quarters, but that’s it, as that game will be at Rash Stadium this time. To win at Rash Stadium in the playoffs is a VERY difficult task. I’ll go one further… If Owensboro loses in the first 2 rounds of the playoffs this year, I will walk to the winning coach’s office from Louisville to shake his hand! Moving on…

    RPI Rounds: Owensboro’s RPI Rating is a sterling 4th place! That’s awesome! That means they will likely get Louisville Fairdale in the first round at Rash Stadium and from there – likely a trip to either Frederic Douglass or Covington Catholic.

    Purple88 Pick: Owensboro blows the doors off 5A District 1! They then HAMMER Fairdale or my sneaky feeling is that Bullitt Central might sneak in there and upset Fairdale, but it won’t matter to the Red Devils as they roll here! They then travel to play a fine team on the road in the State Semi-Finals. At that point, lay it on the line Red Devils you have nothing to lose and I’ll be cheering for you!!! Best of luck!

    3) Mayfield (2A) – PR: 1; 2019 Record 9-1; [District Record 3-0] – RPI 0.753 - WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK - Week 11: Win 53-50 at 4A Madisonville – North Hopkins (8-2). Not many teams can give up over 500 yards offense to a team 2 classifications above you along with 50 points and still come out with the win on the road no-less! But then you wouldn’t know much about the Mayfield Cardinals that I honestly would like to see play either my Purples or South Warren to get a good feel of where those teams are compared to these Cardinals! Those would be great games for the West! But I am fine pulling for all here!

    Playoff Snapshot: Some would say here that Mayfield needs to ratchet up the defense and make some adjustments and etc and while there may actually be some truth to that, my first statement above trumps all that! This ain’t Coach Morris’s first rodeo and I am now more convinced than ever that Mayfield is definitely better right now than earlier in the year and will be headed to Lexington to play either Somerset or LCA in what should be a barnburner for the 2A State Championship!!!

    District Rounds: Mayfield has rolled over their District since Sherman Marched to the Sea! In Week 1, Big Red could use their Freshman Team to get the win. In the 2nd round game, if you come out in business-like fashion at War Memorial, it will be over quick. But don’t let Caldwell County hang around, as they will be playing for their old coach and will play hard. Still shouldn’t be near enough in the end! Cardinals roll!!!

    RPI Rounds: Mayfield’s RPI rating is a dazzling 2nd place in 2A, which means they will stay at home as long as they win all the way to the Championship Game! Mayfield could play the likes of OCATH or Edmonson County in Round 3 and maybe a Beechwood or Breathitt County in Round 4. Mayfield “may” want to pull for Somerset in their Round 2 rematch with LCA, as if the Briar Jumpers win that game, Mayfield would have the top RPI and likely avoid Beechwood in Round 4, unless you just want to play Beechwood again.

    Purple88 Pick: I think Mayfield goes to Lexington is the bottom line. I think the first and second round games are running clocks. I think the OCath game will not be a running clock, but I think Mayfield wins decisively! They would then likely either rekindle the old fire with Beechwood or welcome Breathitt County who would max out all Frequent Flyer mileage for the entire Eastern part of the state just to get a few area codes over to the left back of the state (Come on man…)! From there, I think the Cardinals face the Somerset/LCA winner in what should be an outright classic football game! I’ll be pulling for you Cardinals!!!

    2) South Warren (5A) – PR: 3; 2019 Record 9-1; [District Record 2-1] – RPI 0.611 - Week 11: Win 53-6 vs 4A Logan County (8-2). Spartans completely control this game with their defense stepping up and putting their offense with great field position when Logan County felt they needed to gamble to try to create scoring opportunities! That doesn’t work well against South. They are too well schooled and disciplined for that to work and pride themselves on making teams one-dimensional and that’s exactly what happened last Friday! South playing better each week now and clearly ramping up to the playoffs after their only loss of the year! As always, South Warren will be a tough out!

    Playoff Snapshot: What about QB Caden Veltcamp and his potential status to return this year from a throwing hand broken wrist? I simply don’t know, but still feel that is VERY aggressive to try to have him back for the BG game in 2 weeks. We shall see. Even with that, I think young backup QB Mason Willingham has done awfully well to be thrown into the mix with no summer ball or preseason work to run the South offense as he has. Young RB Kobe Martin is a load and there isn’t a more versatile player in the West than Jantzen Dunn! South will be a tough out!

    District Rounds: South rolls Greenwood! It’s that simple! The Spartans then travel across town to take on the Purples again for the right to move on deeper in the playoffs. It’s a toss-up game honestly as many rivalry games are. While I am biased (so take that into account), I think South will make adjustment from the first game and try to do a better job of locking down the Purples run game, which was a big deal in the regular season game! For South on offense, they will have to do something to get the ball down field more. If they can’t do that, it will put a ton of pressure on the Spartan D to completely keep BG out of the end zone! It will be another great atmosphere at El Donaldson Stadium! Another fine season for the Spartans!

    RPI Rounds: South Warren’s RPI rating is a respectable 6th place, which means if South makes it to the 3rd Round they will likely travel to a surging South Oldham team. From there it would be to either Frederic Douglass or Covington Catholic, which would both be very tough games for sure!

    Purple88 Pick: South Warren puts a running clock on Greenwood. They travel to BG and put up a tremendous fight, but just don’t have enough this year to beat BG, but it’s a very close game! And if I’m wrong, I like South in a very close game at South Oldham. But that would be the end of the road for the Spartans at that point! Good luck Spartans!!!

    1) Bowling Green (5A) – PR: 2; 2019 Record 6-3; [District Record 3-0] – RPI 0.554 - Week 11 Results: Loss 49-21 vs 6A Powerhouse Trinity (9-1). Nothin like getting crushed your last game before going into the playoffs! I know Trinity is good! I’ve watched them play twice in person this year, but the timing of this game is a problem. I don’t have a problem with playing Trinity, but move it to Week 1 and switch your Week 1 opponent to Week 10. You need to be ramping up for the playoffs now, not picking up the splinters left behind by gettin your doors blown off! Rebound Purples!
    I kept BG at #1 because no other team in the West could beat Trinity either. Could another team in the West keep it closer than 4 TDs, well that’s debatable, but I don’t see a line forming to sign up for playing the Shamrocks!!!
    I have to say this: 2019 will be the year I look back on for the Purples and I will recall the year “Without Vito Tisdale” and yes I know he played some offense against Trinity, but the Trinity game in A LOT of ways is like the Warren Central Indiana game last year. Wrong team, but more so wrong spot (right before the South Warren game last season). And for the neighsayers, I know it is difficult for BG to schedule. Let me say clearly again, I am NOT against playing Trinity, but I am against playing them in Week 10. Back to Vito, BG should not have lost against Father Ryan period. Truthfully, what do you think St X thought when they heard Vito would not be playing offense against them this year after he carried BG to their best win of 2018 against X. I’m not aiming to cause problems here, but I am aiming to paint the white elephant pink again! What if Michael Mayer, Covington Catholic’s star, who is going to Notre Dame, only played LB, do you think they would be as good as also having him play Tight End? What about Reece Smith at Boyle County who will play D1 ball? Do you think Boyle County would be as good as they are with Reece Smith only playing DB? I think those answers are clear. And I’m sure there is a reason why Vito isn’t playing offense to an effective measure, but without saying it or communicating it in some way I’m not sure how else to vent! Am I off base, I have been before, but don’t feel so now!

    Playoff Snapshot: Simply put, the Purples have a good chance to play into the RPI rounds of the playoffs. I think JR RB Javy Bunton has played tremendous football for the Purples along with their offensive line. Take out the Trinity game and I like what QB Conner Cooper has/had been ramping up for (this playoff season). The Purples defense has overall played really well this year with MUCH better line play and a secondary that started poorly but has really come on of late until both corners got hurt last Friday. I don’t look for either to play this Friday, but hopeful for the South game! And here again, it will all come down to the South Warren game. And maybe for both teams, the winner of this playoff game will have a good season, while the other has a really sour taste in their mouth all winter and summer long. Such it is with a rivalry.

    District Rounds – BG smashes a gritty 0-10 Christian County team that is really young and by this point in the year beat down! On to South Warren! I just think BG is a little better this season than South; mostly because of the backup QB for South. But if BG can continue to run the ball like they did in the first game, that will be bad news for South Warren and I do look for the Purples to move on in a tight, hard fought ball game!

    RPI Rounds – Bowling Green’s RPI rating is 13th best in 5A. BG clearly didn’t get the RPI is important to pay attention to notice, but that is likely because BG schedules way YONDER higher caliber competition, perhaps to a fault. While I enjoy playing good competition, is playing X & T & a Tennessee team in the same season a winning formula if you value home games in the 3rd and 4th round of the playoffs? Number 13 in 5A says no. But I am very likely not giving light that MANY other teams that BG would schedule won’t schedule them. I’m not going to call out names for detention, but there are many. I’m merely stating now is the time to re-evaluate your scheduling objectives and more so the TIMING of those better opponents to strategically set yourself up in the future for the best position possible for later playoff round success.

    Purple88 Pick: BG handles Christian County with low problems. They then face a very good South Warren squad with revenge on their mind, as BG gave them their only loss of the season! This will be a tight, hard-hitting matchup, but again I just feel BG comes out on top, as I think they have the better team, but not by much. From there, they travel to a surging South Oldham team. I won’t stop now, I like BG in that game as well, but it will be tight as well (no free lunch in the RPI zone on the road)! But the end draws full circle with a trip to Frederic Douglass or Covington Catholic. I hope I’m wrong! But no shame there! While I’ve presented some tough love above, it is with the intent to improve things strategically instead of simply throwing mud! I’ll allow the politicians to do that! Go Purples!!!

    Next 10 - 12 Thru 20 –

    12) Franklin Simpson (4A) – PR: 5; 2019 Record 5-5; [District Record 3-0] – RPI 0.464 - Week 11 Results: Loss 28-21 at 3A Old Rival Glasgow (9-1). Terrific game here! As Franklin fought the whole way, but Glasgow just made more plays in the 4th Quarter; it’s that simple. In a lot of ways, I think this Franklin team is the product of the aftermath of back to back championship seasons where a few injuries intermixed along with just being a young team took over this trajectory for their season along with a brutal opening 4 game schedule. With all that said, I like where Franklin sits for the future! Good luck Wildcats!

    Playoff Snapshot: Franklin Simpson is still the top team in the 4A District 2 and will be again next year. This is a young team that should continue to improve over time. But this year getting to the 3rd round of the playoffs and giving it your best shot appears to be the ceiling. What say you?

    Purple88 Pick: Franklin only beat surprising Russell County by 14 points, but that was over by Lake Cumberland. At Rhea Stadium, I expect a more convincing outcome. In the second round, I ‘m not sure who wins the AC-Scottsville vs Warren East game, as Warren East should have competed better in that first matchup. Regardless, I don’t see either of them winning in Franklin. Then the Wildcats would have to travel to Franklin County or the 4A District 1 Survivor (Hopkinsville, Madisonville, or Logan County). While I don’t like Franklin in any of those matchups, if it’s the 4A District 1 winner they will likely be beat up by the time you get there and if so just give it your best shot! You have nothing to lose Wildcats! Best of luck!

    13) Caldwell County (2A) – PR: 16; 2019 Record (8-2) [District Record 2-1] – RPI 0.691: Week 11 Results: Win 56-54 vs 3A Rival Trigg County (6-4). The old 139 Bowl Rivalry certainly did not disappoint this season with the Tigers having just enough to outlast a proud Trigg County squad! Good effort by both teams! Star QB Russ Beshear and Star RB DeEric Hollowell played awfully well for Caldwell and you’ll see them later along with a commendable effort by Star QB Camron Jordan from Trigg County! Caldwell County has played very well this year in light of the tremendous loss of Coach David Barnes! I know they have played their hearts out this season!

    Playoff Snapshot: The Tigers will start the playoffs from their friendly home field vs a rugged Murray squad they beat barely earlier in the year. With Star QB Hunter Utley likely done for the year, I think Caldwell is set up to go to Mayfield for another try! Give it your best shot Tigers!!!

    Purple88 Pick: I like Caldwell by 3 TDs vs a wounded Murray squad. I think Caldwell is playing well right now. I see them going to Mayfield and playing as hard as they can, but it’s just not enough. No shame there! Good luck Tigers!!!

    14. Daviess County (6A) – PR: 18 - 2019 Record 5-5; [District Record 3-1] – RPI 0.513 - Week 11 Results: Win 28-27 vs 4A Warren East (4-6)! I don’t know much about this game other than the offensive yards was nearly even. It appears the game was settled due to the kicking game/extra points or going for 2 for the win. Regardless, this is a good win for a solid Daviess County squad as I think Warren East is a better team than most give credit to. Very solid season for the Panthers, as their OT win vs Henderson stands out nearly as much as Hendo’s win over McCracken County, so good for the Panthers!

    Playoff Snapshot: I would think Henderson County has revenge on their mind, as it was losing to Daviess County that dropped them out of first place for the District Championship! I think Daviess is flying below the radar and they have some good players, but I just can’t pick them at Henderson County in the first round!

    Purple88 Pick: One and done for the Panthers, but you had a solid season Daviess! Good luck Panthers!!!

    15. Apollo (6A) – PR: 14 - 2019 Record 4-6; [District Record 3-1] – RPI 0.467- Week 11 Results: Win 56-35 at 2A Owensboro Catholic (8-2). The Eagles just refuse to fold! They have played a difficult schedule this season for sure! They started out pretty uneven as several players just trying to get accustomed to things, but you look at their District performance and they have been in all those games! And now with the “upset” of OCATH come in guns a-blazin! Don’t discount this team!

    Playoff Snapshot: Well sports fans, Apollo will come out of the Playoff gate and travel to the #1 seed McCracken County Mustangs, whom they haven’t beaten ever to my knowledge. But if Star RB Hunter Bradley can’t go for McCracken County, I really feel that puts Apollo in reach of this win! Star RB Harold Hogg is the most undervalued RB in the West and he will be a BIG factor in this game! Should Apollo move on from Round 1, I see Henderson County at the next stop. I think Apollo would love that chance to get another swing at Hendo and from the regular season score of 20-13 Henderson, I think Apollo has the opportunity to turn the tide here! From there, I don’t see any more 4-leaf clovers floatin down the Western Kentucky Parkway, but hey that would be a HECK of a way to go out Eagles!

    Purple88 Pick: I’m not backing up now, and I’ll take Apollo in a BIG Round 1 Upset! Write it down! In the second Round, I’d love to pick Apollo, but am afraid it will take a lot out of the tank to get that Round 1 win and will say Hendo trips up the Eagles by a late TD. But prove me wrong Eagles!

    16) Owensboro Catholic (2A) – PR: 15; 2019 Record 8-2 [District Record 4-0] – RPI 0.645 : Week 11 Results: Loss 56-35 vs 6A Local Rival Apollo (4-6)! Aces played very well in this game for about 3 Quarters! Thanks to our good friend @chuckit who reported on this game and described the major turning point in the game was a turnover in the 3rd Quarter where OCATH was set to take it into the end zone and tie the game up at 28, but it never materialized and Apollo rolled from there! This will happen from time to time Aces when you play teams 4 classifications above you! But you have to give credit to OCATH for scheduling tough games because that’s the only way you can ramp up if you want to battle Mayfield, which we all know is a tough task. Chin up Aces!

    Playoff Snapshot: The Aces have competed really well this season and even though they took it on the chin last Friday they are the best team in their district by a mile! From there, it’s likely a road game at Mayfield or the Somerset/LCA winner. That’s tough!

    Purple88 Pick: Running clock vs 2A District 2. Travel to any one of the 3 I mentioned above and play as hard as you can, but it just isn’t enough. No shame there! Tremendous season for the Aces and QB Drew Hartz will be sorely missed next season! No shame there Aces! Great Season!

    17. Graves County (5A) – PR: 11 - 2019 Record 6-4 – RPI - : Week 11 Results: Win 21-28 at 6A Marshall County (3-7). Eagles have had a good year so far and I think they are the second best team in their district! No super impressive with only a 7 point win against lowly Marshall County, but no blood, no foul here! Good luck in the playoffs Eagles!!!

    Playoff Snapshot: I look for Graves County to hold up their end of the bargain and own the 2nd spot in 5A District 1. I think they are clearly better than Grayson County and will prove that on Friday and head to Owensboro looking to prove something.

    Purple88 Pick: The Eagles have played a little bit better than I would have thought going into this season. And with that said, I like them rather easily over Grayson County in Round 1. But then you travel to Owensboro and that’s a completely different matchup. I just don’t see how you’ll be able to make enough offensive plays to win that game! And that should be all she wrote for Graves County, but not a bad season at all – above 500 record and winning a playoff home game is a good accomplishment! Go Eagles!

    18. Murray (2A) – PR: 13 - (2019 Record 7-3) [District Record 1-2] – RPI 0.626: Week 11 Results: Win 35-0 at 1A Fulton County (6-4). Tigers outgain the Pilots roughly 300 yards to 100 and firmly control this game. But as our good friend @BadaBing has told us before, this scheduling won’t change their playoff makeup in a positive light. But hey, a wins a win! Enjoy it Tigers!!!

    Playoff Snapshot: A season that started with such promise has turned South pretty quickly with the untimely loss of Star QB Hunter Utley. Without Utley to direct the Tiger attack, I don’t see them getting by a solid Caldwell County team in Princeton. And even if they did, it would be an early exit at War Memorial Stadium if truth be told. Chin up Tigers!

    Purple88 Pick: It’s one and done this playoff season for the Tigers IMO! Sorry Murray, but better luck next season!

    19. Crittenden County (1A) – PR: 20 (2019 Record 8-2) – RPI 0.625 - Week 11 Results: Win: 49-22 vs 3A Todd County Central (6-4). Crittenden shut down a fairly strong Rebel rushing attack with one of their own. RB/DB Xander Tabor had a big night and you’ll see him below. Good win to ramp up for the Rockets!!!

    Playoff Snapshot: The Rockets are in control of 1A District 1 and that shouldn’t change this playoff season! But don’t discount a dangerous Russellville squad!

    Purple88 Pick: I like the Rockets to go to the 3rd Round of the playoffs. From there it looks like they would be on the road to either Louisville Holy Cross (who I say play Paducah Tilghman earlier this year) or Kentucky County Day. Those would be difficult games for the Rockets, more so in distance than opponent IMO. Go give it your best shot Rockets! I’m pulling for you!

    20. Allen County-Scottsville (4A) – PR: NR - (2019 Record 4-6) – RPI 0.452 - Week 11 Results: Win 49-32 vs 2A Monroe County (5-5). I don’t have any information here, but am happy for the Patriots to still be invited to the Top 20 Party! Good luck going forward!

    Playoff Snapshot: If ACS could beat Warren East again, that would be a really good season in my book. But I just don’t think they will. But heck, I didn’t think they could in the regular season and the Patriots won pretty easily. Let’s see this time!

    Purple88 Pick: I just think Warren East is a better team. Prove me wrong again Patriots!


    1) Harold Hogg – RB – Apollo – rushed for 332 yards and 6 TDs vs OCATH (his former team)!!! That puts Hogg with over 2,000 yards on the season! Outstanding!

    2) Xander Tabor – RB/DB – Crittenden County – 198 all-purpose yards with 2 rushing TDs and a 42 yard Pick 6 return vs Todd County Central!

    3) Cameron Jordan – QB – Trigg County – 25 – 37 for 423 yards and 4 TDs, plus 19 carries for 60 yards and 3 more TDs vs Rival Caldwell County! Add WR Kion Thompson with 7 catches for 211 yards and 2 TDs!

    4) Jeriah Hightower – RB – Madisonville – North Hopkins – 27 carries for 190 yards and 3 TDs vs Mayfield!

    5) Russ Beshear – QB/LB – Caldwell County – 11-16 for 181 yards and 2 TDs vs 2 INTs; add 8 carries for 39 yards and 2 more TDs; and finally add 10 tackles on defense with 2 of those tackles for loss and 1 sack (MERCY!) vs Trigg County! Add Star RB DeEric Hollowell with 22 carries for 292 yards and 4 TDs!

    6) Gavin Wimsatt – QB – Owensboro – 16 carries for 149 yards and 3 TDs vs Henderson County!

    * If there are stats I don’t know about, please add them below! Congratulations to all the young men who have had a spot on this list throughout the season! Great Work!!!

    Week 11 – Teams Trending Down

    Bowling Green (5A) – Down
    – No free lunch here! You aren’t ramping up into the playoffs with a 4 TD loss. It’s that simple. I realize its Trinity they played. But if you want the glory that goes with the opportunity to achieve a win, then you have to stomach the anguish of getting your lunch money stripped from you and told to like it! Regroup Purples!

    Owensboro Catholic (2A) – Down – Maybe the Aces just ran out of gas? I’m not sure, but it’s not a good look for a team that I know would not beat Mayfield to win on your field. It just sets the ceiling at a 3rd round trip to the end of the road!

    Week 11 – Teams Trending Up

    Mayfield (2A) – Up
    – To go on the road and to take the best shot of a Top 10 team 2 classifications above you and still win is VERY impressive! Cardinals rolling…

    Glasgow (3A) – Up – I’m just really impressed with the job Coach Garmon and company have done with this Scotties team! They can go a long way!

    2019 Western Kentucky Regular Season - All West Team

    QB – Jaden Stinson, Mayfield
    QB – Drew Hartz, Owensboro Catholic
    QB – Tyler Ezell, Logan County
    RB – Jeriah Hightower – Madisonville – North Hopkins
    RB – Hunter Bradley – McCracken County
    WR – Franklin Hayes, McCracken County
    WR – Reece Jesse, Hopkinsville
    WR – Kade Neely, Mayfield
    WR – Jayden Freeman, Paducah Tilghman
    OL – Colt Jackson, South Warren
    OL – Logan Weedman, Apollo
    DL – Blake Moody, Madisonville – North Hopkins
    DL – Joseph Henry, Daviess County
    DL – Terrion Thompson, Bowling Green
    DL – Yovani Sales, Owensboro
    LB – Gary Hardy, Logan County
    LB – Erik Grubbs, Hoptown
    LB – Cody Goatley, Graves County
    DB – Dejaun Mercer, Hopkinsville
    DB – Jaiden Jackson, Murray
    S – Jantzen Dunn, South Warren
    S – Vito Tisdale, Bowling Green
    K – Cole Hollingsworth, Franklin Simpson
    P – Eli Burwash, Bowling Green

    Coach – Josh Boston, Henderson County
    Honorary Coach – David Barnes, Caldwell County

    Farewell: End of the Road! It’s been a Long Road, but I hope you have found it as fun as I have! Even if you don’t agree with my rankings, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about our teams out West!
    We have A LOT to be thankful for in having good football teams in the West! Now get out there and support your team(s) in person! It’s a great time of year! Good luck to your teams this playoff season and hope to see ya next year!

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    You've brought it all year long and this one is certainly no different. It's very much appreciated.

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    Incredible work, 88!

    The West was deep with quality teams this season. Tilghman's three losses were about as good as anybody's and Glasgow's only setback was a one point loss to South Warren in a game they probably should have won, and they're both clinging to the tail end of the top 10. WKY football was no joke this season.
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    Great information @Purple88 - as always. I was hoping for one more week and you delivered!