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BluegrassPreps 2019 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 5 Edition

The top story line this week is ¾ of the Top 20 recorded wins during Week 5! Great Job! And 3 of the 5 losses were to other Top 20 teams. The other 2 were Bowling Green falling to 6A stalwart St Xavier and Henderson County losing a close game at solid Anderson County. Overall, it was another good week for the Western Part of the State!

Week 5 PurpleHaze Western Kentucky Game of the Week: Bowling Green 5A (3-2) 14 vs St Xavier 6A (4-1) 28. St Xavier came out very strong in this game and took two opening series drives in for touchdowns. Bowling Green’s defense then seemed to recover and it remained 14-0 at the half! BG made good additional adjustments at halftime and came out strong in the second half and had a chance to tie the game at 14, but the turnovers kept mounting for the Purples and it was ultimately too much to overcome! While disappointing, I think this game can help BG down the road as hopefully mistakes made in this game are identified and corrected. Onward!

Week 6 Western Kentucky Games of the Week: This week we spread out focusing on some of the best District Openers around!
4A Logan County (5-0) at 4A Madisonville North-Hopkins (5-0). A dandy right here sports fans!!! Both these teams have played so well thus far! Madisonville is the favorite and playing at home is a clear advantage. But could Logan County Stars QB Tyler Ezell and RB Gary Hardy roll up 431 toward Madisonville and come away with a vital district win right out of the gate? You tell me…

3A Paducah Tilghman (4-1) at 3A Trigg County (4-1). This is a diamond in the rough the highlanders out east would overlook! But this is likely the top District Matchup in 3A District 1 right out of the gate! The stellar skill guys from Tilghman will test ultra-talented Wildcat QB Cam Jordan. Jordan will lead his crew into this matchup hungry to prove they are worthy to be considered in the 3A playoff race! Good Luck!

Honorable Mention: South Warren at Glasgow (This game is worthy too); Bowling Green at Corbin; OCATH at Todd County Central; and Crittenden County at Union County. Try to make it out to one of these great games!

Week 5 Top 10:
10) Hopkinsville (4A)
– Preseason Rank: 6 - 2019 Record 3-2; District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 41-13 vs County Rival 5A Christian County (0-5). After a tough road trip last week at Henderson County, Hoptown refocused and regained the “Bragging Rights Trophy” for the first time since 2014. QB Jay Bland had a record setting game! You will see him later. Star WR Reece Jesse was double covered the entire game, which allowed others including Lane Rushing and Tyrell Gray-Lewis to have big games from the WR spot! But the bigger take away from this game was the return of the Tiger rushing attack that gained over 110 yards on the night against a County defense that prides itself for stopping the run! Week 6: vs District Mate 4A Calloway County (0-5). The hits just keep coming for the poor ole’ Lakers! They have had 2 close games and 3 blow outs. Unfortunately for Laker fans this will be another blowout loss. I don’t get any pleasure typing that. I really believe all teams should get a win. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not an “everybody gets a trophy” guy, but want to see all youngsters hard work rewarded. But it won’t be here Lakers! Tigers Roll!

9) Glasgow (3A) – Preseason Rank: 12 - 2019 Record 5-0; District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: Win 42-0 vs 3A Hart County (3-2). QB Tanner Abernathy and RB Nick Mitchell have big games for the Scotties as they roll to their 4th straight running clock game. But that streak will end next week. Week 6: vs 5A South Warren (5-0). Great game here for the Scotties to find out where you are really are at this point in the season! While you will not be the favorite in this game, you are capable! If you can find a way to neutralize the powerful South OLine, I think the Scotties can hang around. If not, I’m not sure. But regardless, Glasgow needs this game to prepare for the post-season! Good luck Scotties!

8) Logan County (4A) – Preseason Rank: 10 - 2019 Record 5-0; District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 43-6 vs 5A Greenwood (4-1). The Cougars good a good win here and seem razor sharp heading into a crucial district matchup next week. QB Tyler Ezell had a great game – you will see him later! And the Cougar Defense was rock solid only giving up 88 yards the entire night! Week 6: WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK at 4A District Rival Madisonville North-Hopkins (5-0). Did anyone think just 3 seasons ago that Logan County would ever be a part of anything close to a Game of the Week! Congrats to them on turning their program around! This 2019 season is rolling right along and here were are to the District Schedule and we have a Great Game right out of the Gate! Last year the Cougars were set up in this game outgaining the Maroons by over 140 yards, but 2 big fumbles proved costly and the Maroons snuck out of Russellville with a big district win. This year the Cougars would like to return the favor. While I expect the Cougar offense to play well, I also expect the Cougar defense to be under duress with the rushing arsenal that Madisonville will unleash. And late in the game, will Logan County be able to come up with a big stop if it’s needed? You tell me…

7) Owensboro (5A) – Preseason Rank: 8 - 2019 Record 4-1; [District Record 1-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 55-17 at Daviess County (1-4). Just the haves and the have nots here! The Red Devils have the weapons to control a game like this and that’s basically what they did! I have no stats for this game, but it was a mismatch from the start. Week 6: at 5A Ohio County (2-3). District game #2 for the Red Devils! They will have to pay particular attention to hidden gem RB QDaryius Jennings, but I don’t think I have to tell the O Coaches that! Should be too much Red Devils in this one for sure! Running clock… What say you…

6) Paducah Tilghman (3A) – Preseason Rank: 7 - 2019 Record 4-1; [District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 44-21 vs 4A Calloway County (0-5). According to our good friend @TilghmanPride, the Blue Tornados rested several injured players last week, but still managed almost 400 yards on the ground. Star Jayden Freeman had a big game and you’ll see him later. Week 6: WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK at 3A Trigg County (4-1). Your district opener is always highlighted on anyone’s schedule, but when it may be at your most difficult district opponent it carries more weight I think. This will be a fascinating strategy game with Tilghman trying to impose their will on the ground while Trigg County can play the shootout game with anyone. So will the Trigg defense carry the majority of the minutes in this game if Tilghman runs the ball and Trigg scores quickly? I’m not sure, but it’s something to pay attention to. What say you…

5) Mayfield (2A) – Preseason Rank: 1 - 2019 Record 4-1; District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 48-7 vs 5A Graves County (1-3). No chance of a 2 game slide here, as Mayfield comes out very strong in this one. According to our good friend @Squirrel, Mayfield earned the running clock in the 2nd quarter at 41-0. Mayfield played refocused and Graves did not. Week 6: at 3A Fort Campbell (0-5). I’m not sure if Mayfield has ever lost to Fort Campbell, but I know they won’t next week! The Falcons typically pick up a win against their military counterparts Ft Knox, but the Eagles upended the Falcons to extend their difficult stretch! Mayfield rolls…

4) McCracken County (6A) – Preseason Rank: 9 - 2019 Record 3-2; District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 42-6 at 5A Marshall County (2-3). The Mustangs fresh off a memorable win against Mayfield rolled on! I don’t have stats here, but McCracken County now has their sites on starting off their district slate on a positive note! Week 6: at 6A Apollo (2-3). The Mustangs roll into the district schedule welcoming new district mate Owensboro Apollo! The Eagles have played some tough teams and are coming off a very nice win against an uneven Meade County squad. The Mustangs should be in a good spot to get out of town with a win and some fine Old Hickory Barbeque! I already feel cheated since BG didn’t get to play Owensboro this season! Oh well! Good luck to both teams! But I think the Mustangs will be too strong in this one, but it will be interesting to see how Apollo plays after a solid win!

3) Madisonville – North Hopkins (4A) – Preseason Rank: 5 - 2019 Record 5-0; [District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 41-7 vs 2A Ballard Memorial (0-4). The Maroons haven’t been 5 and 0 since 1993 according to 14 News out of Evansville. The next most important information for this game was reported by our good friend @Maroonman in that this game was a fill in when other/better teams scheduling didn’t material and Madisonville was left scrambling for a game. So the Poor Ole’ Bombers had to drive 2 hours each way to Madisonville. I really feel for Ballard. They have no wins this season. They have scored a total of 27 points all year. They have 25 kids on their roster and 10 or 40% of those are seniors. What about next year? You saw that Poor Ole’ Jenkins in the far eastern part of the state just packed up the program! I’d hate to see that happen to the Bombers, but it is a problem for the majority of small schools across the state and nation. Sorry to focus on this, but the game isn’t very interesting. We all knew what would happen. Moving on to a MUCH better game! Week 6: WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK vs 4A Logan County (5-0). There should be no excuses from Madisonville in this one. They come in hitting on all cylinders! They have arguably the top rushing offense in the State with Jeriah Hightower in the saddle. Add to that a passing offense that really hasn’t been needed this season, but was very evident they had hit another gear when SR QB Hayden Reynolds and company surprised many by leading the opening day at the highly successful Best of the West 7v7 Tournament this July! So Madisonville has the rest of 4A in the West on notice, as I look for them to play awfully strong here. If they can dictate offense with the run and sprinkle in some Hayden Reynolds passes, they will be a very tough out!

2) Bowling Green (5A) – Preseason Rank: 2 - 2019 Record 3-2; District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: PurpleHaze Western Kentucky Game of the Week - Loss: 28-14 vs 6A St Xavier (4-1). In a word, disappointed. Not in the fact BG lost the game, but more so in the first half of the ball game. I think every Purples offensive series had third down and long every time. So ineffectiveness on first and second downs really cost BG. But not more so than 4 big turnovers. You simply can’t give a very good team that many and expect to win. See some highlights here: VIDEO: Week 5 high school football highlights | Sports | bgdailynews.com Week 6: at 4A Corbin (2-2). The Redhounds were on their BYE WEEK last week, so they should be well rested when the Purples come calling next week! I got to see Corbin in the Best of the West 7v7 Tournament back in July and they had some fine players, but they seemed young as they couldn’t click in that environment, but Friday Night Lights are much different. I look for this to be a competitive game. You tell me…

1) South Warren (5A) – Preseason Rank: 3 - 2019 Record 5-0; District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: Win: 22-8 at 4A Louisville Central (1-4). The Spartan defense played very well only giving up 88 yards on the night. The Spartan offense played well enough, but the big news out of the Spartan camp is talented SO QB Cade Veltcamp was believed to have broken his wrist and likely out at least 6 weeks. I certainly hate that for the young man if this is confirmed, who was playing well for South! It will be interesting to see who will now step into the QB slot. But the new QB will be tested right out of the gate. Week 6: at 3A Glasgow (5-0). This will be a good game, but it’s a better game for Glasgow than South. I say that because all perspectives say South should win this game. I realize when you get on the field of play that a good team is a good team. The fact is South favors a medium schedule. No problem, but own that. It will not be until October 4th when the Purples come calling that we will really know where the Spartans are. That will continue to be a game most will look forward to.

Next 10 – 11 to 20:
11) Henderson County (6A)
– Preseason Rank: Not Ranked - 2019 Record 4-1; District Record 0-0] Week 5 Results: Loss: 21-17 vs 4A Anderson County (3-2). I don’t have any stats on this one, but obviously was a good game. It’s tough to drive across the state and play a good team, but was a good pickup on the schedule for Hendo, as Anderson will have to travel to Henderson next year! Week 6: BYE WEEK. The BYE WEEK is undefeated and comes at a good time for the Colonels. Rest up as your near term games area very favorable. Those lead to the likely District Championship game when the Mustangs of McCracken County come calling on October 25th! Mark that one on your calendar sports fans! Good Luck Hendo!

12) Owensboro Catholic (2A) – Week 5 Results: Win 68-14 vs 4A Hopkins County Central (0-5). Team Air Raid continued to put up big numbers handing poor ole’ Hopkins County Central their 5 straight loss. It was a remarkable output for the Aces offense and you will see them later! OCATH is really playing well now as they head into district play! Next up: at scrappy Todd County Central. The District Opener! This will be a terrific test for the Aces. The 2 hour bus trip down 431 should be very entertaining. The Aces rarely get tested in their district. I got a little glimpse at both these teams in the 7v7 earlier in July and I honestly think the Rebels have a punchers chance in this game at least for a while. Yes, Todd County Central is the clear underdog, but beware Aces!

13) Greenwood (5A) –Week 5 Results: Loss 43-6 at 4A Logan County. The Gators have been arguably the best “feel-good” story this season, as they have come out of nowhere to shock most people! But that fairy tale ran out of magic dust in Russellville on Friday night as the Cougars controlled play and the game as well, but chin up Gators! Next week: vs 6A Barren County. I hope the Gators lay the law down next week as the Trojans rubbed me the wrong way last year, but let’s move on! Go Gators!

14) Caldwell County (2A) – Week 5 Results: Win 50-13 vs 3A Union County. This is a good win for the Tigers! Coach McGowan’s Tigers appear to have hit their stride as the Tiger offense is playing really well right now. Too bad they are in Mayfield’s district! Next up: at Poor Ole’ District Mate Ballard Memorial. Not much to see here. Ballard is winless with dwindling numbers and Caldwell is playing good ball right now! This one’s over early! Tigers roll!

15) Franklin Simpson (4A) – Week 5 Results: Win 42-0 vs Old Foe Russellville. Not much of a game here as Russellville is still trying to put the limited pieces together. For Franklin, it has to feel good to get a win. That’s the game you play with a tough schedule and they have played a challenging schedule. Good first step Wildcats! Next up: at 4A District Mate Allen County Scottsville. The Wildcats are favored against all their district mates. That’s why they play the challenging early schedule. Because there are other VERY tough 4A teams awaiting should Franklin seek to advance beyond Week 3 of the Playoffs! Wildcats roll!

16) Murray (2A) – Week 5 Results – Win 64-27 at Trigg County. The Tigers get a very nice road win last Friday going to Cadiz and rolling up over 400 yards on the night! QB Hunter Utley had a big game with 250 passing yards and 5 TDs. RB Charvelle McCallister also had a big game. You will see him later! Next up: Vs 3A Fort Campbell. This game should be over early, as I see the Tigers running away with this one! The new playoff system hurts a team like Murray more than most, as they will be over-tested to get through the Mayfield Forest, but could take down most other 2A squads that will make it through to Week 3 of the Playoffs. Fair? You tell me…

17) Graves County (5A) –Week 5 Results: Loss 48-7 at Mayfield! Talk about walking into a Buzzsaw! Poor ole’ Eagles draw the unenviable task of facing Mayfield after a rare home loss. But they are going to have to forget it as district season is upon us. Next week: vs New District Mate Breckinridge County (3-2). Just what the doctor ordered Eagles fans, as the Fighting Tigers won’t be able to drive 3.5 hours over and put up much of a fight IMO! Eagles roll!

18) Trigg County (3A) – Week 5 Results: Loss 64-27 vs 2A Murray. I don’t have any Trigg stats here, but I think a dose of toughness was given out on Friday Night! It will be up to the Wildcats to take that medicine and get better from it. If they hang their heads, the Blue Tornados won’t let up. A test of character in Cadiz this coming Friday! Next up: WESTERN KENTUCKY GAME OF THE WEEK vs Paducah Tilghman! Great Matchup sports fans! Wildcats QB Cam Jordan will have to play a special game to get this done for Trigg! But he is capable! It’s a big spotlight! Let’s see what the Wildcats have for a very solid Tilghman squad! Go Wildcats!

19) Todd County Central (2A) – Week 5 Results: Win 57-27 vs Poor Ole’ 1A Caverna. The Rebels ambushed the Colonels early and it was over fairly quickly! I don’t have stats for the Rebels, but there was a SUPER Effort by one of the Colonels and you’ll certainly see him next! But now comes a BIG Game Rebel Fans! Next: District Foe vs 2A Owensboro Catholic. Now is your chance Rebels! The Aces are and have been the Top Dog in this District for a long while and I really think you have a punchers chance to compete here! But it will take a GREAT effort! You will need the home fan support in this one! Oh and make sure you call the refs so they show up for sure in this one! Ha! Good luck Rebels!

20) Grayson County (5A) – Week 5 Results – Win 24-12 at Breckinridge County! 5 and 0 Cougars! That has to feel good! Congratulations! The Cougars haven’t been 5 and 0 since a very strong 9 and 3 2012 team opened that year 7 and 0! If the Cougars can beat Graves County they will tie that mark! We’ll see! Next up: At Muhlenberg County. I like Grayson County to pull this one out, but it certainly could be close! Good luck!

Week 5 Players of the Week:
*I don’t have all stats available, so please add as you see fit!

1) Drew Rhodes – QB/OLB – Caverna
– 19 for 39 for 219 yards passing with 2 TDs v 1 INT! He also ran the ball 10 times for 116 yards and 2 TDs! And instead of selling popcorn he had 1 INT as well – OUTSTANDING! Add WR Zyier Yates with 7 catches for 111 and 2 TD vs Todd County Central! Great Job!

2) Jay Bland – QB – Hopkinsville – School Record 6 TD passes (218 yards) vs Christian County!

3) Drew Hartz – QB – Owensboro Catholic – 18 for 21 for 548 yards and 9 TDs vs Hopkins County Central! Add WRs Hagan Edge 6 catches for 167 yards and 3 TDs and Dre Thurston with 5 catches for 147 yards and 3 TDs! WOW!

4) Charvelle McCallister – RB – Murray – 17 rushes for 161 yards and 3 TDs vs Trigg County!

5) Tyler Ezell - QB – Logan County – 21 for 31 for 347 yards and 5 TDs vs Greenwood!


Week 5 “Teams Trending Down”
Greenwood (5A) – Down
– The Gators have had a storybook beginning to the 2019 season! There’s no doubt about that! But from afar Cinderella lost her slipper in Logan County Friday Night! But still a lot to play for Gators! District play is looming in about a week! Rise up Gators!!!

Trigg County (3A) – Down – The magic the Wildcats have been hammering people with this year got transferred to the Murray sideline last Friday! Can’t win them all Wildcat fans! But you still have a good chance to control your own destiny with strong District play. Let’s see what you got Wildcats!

Teams “Trending Up”
Hopkinsville (4A) – Up
– Hopkinsville has been all over this part of the article the last few weeks. I’m sure Tiger fans like it down here as opposed to up above any day! And when you punch your rival in the gut for the first time since 2014 has to be that much sweeter! Nice win Tigers!

OCATH (2A) – Up – Coach Morris’ club has played very well this season and has dominated pretty much every team not named Owensboro! Drew Hartz is playing as well as anyone right now! It will be interesting to see if any of their typically soft district teams can put up ANY resistance? Can they? You tell me…

Caldwell County (2A) – Up - The Tigers continue to play well and dedicating their season to their former Coach David Barnes has produced a talented team heading up as we go into district play! While I don’t think they can take down the Mayfield Cardinals, I do think their likely 2 games with Murray to be very competitive and highly entertaining! Good luck Tigers!