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BluegrassPreps 2019 Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 2 Edition

The top story line this week is chalk! Of the top 12 teams ranked last week, all won last week, but four. Graves County had a bye week. Hopkinsville and McCracken County both had losses to teams they were expected to lose to. And Owensboro took a very tough 10-8 home loss to gritty Evansville Central. It was a terrific week overall for the top teams in WKY!
Disclaimer: I have attended 6 high school games the first 2 weekends. I’ve never done that before. It was a lot of fun though! Great competition in the early season!

Western Kentucky Spotlight: Caverna Colonels – First Win in 37 Games!
Huge win for the Colonels over Shawnee last Friday 51-0! The Colonels let the flood gates open since they hadn't won a game on the field since beating Fort Knox on October 16, 2015, a streak that spanned 37 games (their loss to Green County on August 24, 2018 was later credited as a win to the Colonels after Green used an ineligible player, but does that really count for the players?). It is a great thing when long losing streaks are broken! Way to go Colonels!!!

Week 2 Western Kentucky Game of the Week RECAP: Mayfield (2A) (2-0) 27 at Hopkinsville (4A) (1-1) 22 at the Stadium of Champions. Fantastic football game sports fans! Mayfield hit 3 big pass plays and 1 pick 6 and it was just enough. The Tigers battled really hard and made Mayfield earn every bit of it. Good showing for both teams, as both teams will learn from this one!!!

WESTSIDER - Week 3 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: (Disclaimer 2: Westsider was a friend to this website and all sports in Western Kentucky. This is mentioned in honor of his memory as he loved this rivalry!)
Mayfield 2A (2-0) travels to Paducah Tilghman 3A (2-0): I expect this OLD Rivalry to be extremely hard hitting and well played on both sides. Bragging rights at the local grocery store are on the line in the Purchase Area! The last time Tilghman beat Mayfield was back in 2005 (18-15 at Tilghman). I got to see the Blue Tornado’s this past week in Louisville and they are dangerous. They have solid lines and Damian Ford and Jayden Freeman can both take it to the house every time they touch the ball. Mayfield got a scare at Hoptown. I’m sure they will be focused this week in practice! Get out to the stadium early sports fans!!!

Honorable Mention: Owensboro Catholic at Owensboro; Franklin Simpson at South Warren, Logan County at Warren East, McCracken County at Graves County, Caldwell County at Hopkinsville – Try to make it out to one of these great games!

Week 2 Top 10:
10) Graves County (5A) –
Preseason Rank: 11 - 2019 Record 1-0; District Record 0-0] Week 2 Results: BYE WEEK. Again, not a fan coming off a great emotion filled win against a fine Murray Tiger squad and then sitting out the next week, but play the schedule you got! Week 3: vs. McCracken County (0-2). The Mustangs are likely one of the best 0 and 2 teams out there. That may seem like a backhanded compliment, but I think they are a good team and I also think they will be fired up to play. You’ve been warned Eagles!!!

9) McCracken County (6A) – Preseason Rank: 9 - 2019 Record 0-2; District Record 0-0] Week 1 Results: Loss: 42-14 vs Bowling Green 5A (1-1). I don’t have any stats for this game, but know that in the first quarter the Mustangs were forcing 3 and outs and taking it to the Purples. Franklin Hayes is a terrific football player for the Mustangs and he played really well last Friday. McCracken had the ball in the red zone several time later in the game but simply couldn’t make the plays late. That is disheartening but I like the effort they came with. Big game next week! Week 3: at 5A Graves County (1-0). The ragged Mustangs travel across the Purchase Area to take on a rusty Graves County team that will not have played for 14 days when you meet them. Important game for the Mustangs. Good luck Mustangs!

8) Logan County (4A) – Preseason Rank: 10 - 2019 Record 2-0; District Record 0-0] Week 2 Results: Win: 59-0 over 5A Muhlenberg County (0-2). Poor ole’ Muhlenberg County with flogging #2! Many play well for the Cougars and you will see one of them later! Week 3: at 4A scrappy Warren East (1-1). This is an interesting game as East is a dangerous team with some dangerous players. Yes, they were flattened by South, but a lot of people will be flattened by South. East flattened Russellville. So this should be a very entertaining game. Logan County would like to get this win to continue their nice momentum in this early part of the year.

7) Owensboro (5A) – Preseason Rank: 8 - 2019 Record 1-1; [District Record 1-0] Week 2 Results: Loss: 10-8 vs Evansville Central, IN (1-1). No stats, but you can see the highlights here:
Touchdown Live Game of the Week: Central at Owensboro
Very good game! Just came up short on the final 2 point conversion! No time to rest now. Week 3: vs City Rival 2A Owensboro Catholic (2-0). This is always an intense game and I think the injuries Owensboro has sustained make this matchup within the Aces reach. With that said, if the Red Devils starters, most importantly the OL and DL guys step up, they should win this game. Who ya got?

6) Paducah Tilghman (3A) – Preseason Rank: 7 - 2019 Record 2-0; [District Record 0-0] Week 2 Results: Win: 50-21 vs 1A Louisville Holy Cross (1-1) at Louisville Central in the middle game of the Central BSN Bowl. I got to make this one and meet our good friend @TilghmanPride! Always great to put a name with a face considering the inherent knowledge of all our BGP guys. The Blue Tornados are a talented and dangerous team. RB Damien Ford and WR Jayden Freeman are really dangerous when they touch the ball. Ford took the opening kickoff to the house! And Freeman just ran by people for as long as I could take it on a hot afternoon! They also passed ok, but think it will be a different animal next Friday night! Week 3: WESTSIDER Western Kentucky Game of the Week vs 2A Mayfield (2-0). This game still means a lot over in the Purchase Area and I bet you didn’t know that it means a lot to the nation as well. How so? According to the MaxPreps TOP 50 All-Time Winningest High School Football Programs (Top 5 winningest high school football programs of all-time - MaxPreps
Mayfield checks in at #4 (888 Wins ALL TIME) while Tilghman check in at #34 (786 Wins ALL TIME). That is just awesome! This game represents 1,674 wins ALL TIME! Wow! I know Mayfield has had the advantage since 2005, but I think Tilghman has the coaching staff to finally be able to really compete with Mayfield this year. It will be a passion packed game next Friday Night! Play your hearts our Blue Tornados and leave it on the field!

5) Hopkinsville (4A) – Preseason Rank: 6 - 2019 Record 1-1; District Record 0-0] Week 2 Results: Loss: 27-22 vs 2A Mayfield (2-0). Thanks to our good friend @Mayfieldsportsfan, for providing the prominent game stats for this game! Hoptown outrushed Mayfield 108 yards to 70. Hoptown gained more passing yards than Mayfield 325 to 310, but likely the difference in the game was the Pick 6 in the first half in this back and forth game! I know most teams don’t want a “feel good” loss, but to me this is it. You don’t go far on those, but they can propel you upward with the right coaching. All this and likely your best defensive player LB Eric Grubbs didn’t play in this game due to injury. Keep working Tigers! Week 3: vs 2A Caldwell County (2-0). Battle of the Tigers! If Hoptown can shake off the tough loss last Friday, I think they have too many weapons for Caldwell. Should be a good game to get Hoptown going in the right direction on the win column!

4) Madisonville – North Hopkins (4A) – Preseason Rank: 5 - 2019 Record 2-0; [District Record 0-0] Week 2 Results: Win: 43-6 at 6A Marshall County (1-1). The Maroons turned their passing machine from Week 1 into the more expected run machine in Week 2, rolling up over 400 yards on the ground. Jeriah Hightower is a weapon – you will see him later! This is going to be a hard team to stop! Week 3: vs 6A Daviess County (0-2). The Maroons start the 2019 home stand with a visit from the Daviess County Panthers. Last year’s Panthers may have challenged Madisonville, but I just don’t see this year’s Panthers challenging this year’s Maroons.

3) Bowling Green (5A) – Preseason Rank: 2 - 2019 Record 1-1; District Record 0-0] Week 2 Results: Win: 42-14 at 6A McCracken County (0-2). Easily a tale of 2 separate games for the Purples on Friday night. The first being the first quarter into the second quarter in what resembled being in the “Upside Down” from the Netflix show Stanger Things, where the Purples played as poorly as I can recall and were down 14-0. The second was when JR QB Conner Cooper returned to the lineup and the offense really began. The defense played very well except for 2 passing plays and there you get a 42-14 win, which our good friend @Squirrel predicted in the predictions thread! I’m hopeful BG can build off the second game and never go back to the first! But is the Demogorgon lurking (that's a monster for those that have no clue what I'm speaking about)? Week 3: at Old Rival 4A Warren Central (0-2). I respect this old rivalry more than you know, BUT you have to generally be as old as me to appreciate it. That road is now abandoned. The Dragons need to get back in the win column that they haven’t enjoyed since an October 16, 2015 win vs Warren East. I don’t think this is week. But I do think they get a win this season, as they have a couple guys that are real studs led by QB Dre Boyd. When they do break that barrier, you will hear it here! Hang in Dragons!

2) South Warren (5A) – Preseason Rank: 3 - 2019 Record 2-0; District Record 0-0] Week 2 Results: Win: 50-6 vs 4A Warren East (1-1). The Spartans rolled the Ra-Ra-Raiders, but not until East took the lead early in the game 6-3. Below is the video highlights, but I warn you they are tough to watch due to the newbie trying his best to give color highlight, but he may need to look for job #2:
Football Friday Night: Warren East Raiders vs South Warren Spartans
I don’t have any stats, but if you don’t have an OL or DL that can challenge Souths, you are going to be in for a long day. Week 3: vs. 4A Franklin Simpson (1-1). This has been a good rivalry over the years. Franklin’s only loss last season, where they won the 4A Championship was to South Warren. So I’m sure the Wildcats would love a win here. But South Warren is so good up front, I’m just not sure the Wildcats can come away with a road win up 31-W. What say you…

1) Mayfield (2A) – Preseason Rank: 1 - 2019 Record 2-0; District Record 0-0] Week 2 Results: Win: 27-22 at 4A Hopkinsville (1-1). It was 16-14 Hopkinsville at halftime and 16-14 Hopkinsville to start the 4th Quarter, so that is likely the longest Mayfield has been behind in the regular season in a long time. But to their credit, they hung in there and hit 2 of their signature passing plays to pull the rabbit out of their hats once again. I think this game tape will be invaluable for Coach Morris and staff to improve his team for the playoffs! Great WKY game!!! Week 3: WESTSIDER - Western Kentucky GAME OF THE WEEK! At 3A Paducah Tilghman (2-0). I believe Mayfield considers Paducah Tilghman one of their main rivals. That alone make this game an important one for them. Mayfield can’t just show up and expect to get this win. Tilghman is a talented team, as I witnessed first-hand last Saturday. Mayfield will have to lock down the 2 top Tilghman stars if they want to get this win. As stated above in the Paducah Tilghman information, these two teams are top 35 in wins ALL TIME and Mayfield is #4 ALL TIME. They are 3 wins behind Louisville Male for 3rd and 6 wins behind Fort Thomas Highlands for 2nd! Wow! But they are also just 2 ahead of Washington (Massillon, Ohio). So if you project out, Mayfield will have 900 wins if they went undefeated regular season and won through the 3rd week of the playoffs! That would be pretty special! Go Cardinals!

Next 10 – 11 to 20:
11) Glasgow (3A)
–Week 2 Results: Win 56-0 at Russellville! Just a complete mismatch! Glasgow is for real! The Scotties have buzz-sawed through the first 2 opponents 91-13. They will be favored all the way to September 27 when the South Warren Spartans come to town. Will be interesting to see how the Scotties play in that one, but until then: Next week: vs 2A Monroe County = 3-0 Glasgow!

12) Greenwood (5A) –Week 2 Results: Win 59-42 vs Warrant Central at WKU. This was a classic Nintendo Techmo Bowl game that the Gators played enough conventional football in to win. Thanks to our good friend @jcarter for hanging around to give us a glimpse into this very entertaining game! The Gators have found offense aplenty in the young 2019 season. Their opponent, Warren Central, appears to want the ball at all cost; proven by running the on-side kick play more times than I can remember in any game. But Central also appears to have more quality players this season than they have had in recent memory. But the Gators just kept working and eventually time ran out in this 101 point score-fest! Good for Greenwood! Next week: vs 4A Allen County Scottsville! Am I in the twilight zone!!!

13) Owensboro Catholic (2A) – Week 2 Results: Win 36-18 at 6A Daviess County. Team Air Raid buzzed the Panthers on the opening night to their newly renovated stadium. Thanks to our good friend @DevilMayCare who reported OCath was up 14-12 near the end of the 3rd Quarter and then 30-12 with about 8 minutes to play. It was during this area of the ballgame where the Aces made their move and got a very solid win! I’m glad Daviess County made a game of it for as long as they did! Next up: Another trip across town to old foe 5A Owensboro, who is smarting from a stinging 10-8 loss to solid Evansville Central. If the Aces can manage the Red Devil run game, I like their chances to hang in this game. Because on offense the Aces will compete! Big opportunity here Aces for a major move!

14) Franklin Simpson (4A) – Week 2 Results: Loss 26-21 vs gritty 6A Meade County. I think Franklin put up good effort here. It’s just Meade is a really solid team and will fight you till the end – it’s what they do! The late fumble with just over 2 minutes in the game was a killer. The next 2 games will be very difficult (at South Warren and at Battle Ground Academy TN) but all is not lost in the world of 4A. The Wildcats are still the favorite in their district and that should get them to the 3rd round of the playoffs. Beyond that, they have to improve quite a bit from here, but they have the Coaching staff that knows how to get that done. Hang in Wildcats!

15) Caldwell County (3A) – Week 2 Results: Win 43-21 vs 6A Apollo. Thanks to our good friend @DevilMayCare who reported the score was 43-7 at the half! So the Tigers earned the running clock in the first half! Impressive! A team can run a long way on emotion!!! Good luck Tigers! Next up: A trip east to meet the Hoptown Tigers at the Stadium of Champions. Tigers vs Tigers! Should be a great game!

16) Trigg County (3A) – Week 2 Results: Wildcats knocked the feathers off the falcons – Trigg County 51 Fort Campbell 14. No individual stats available, but it’s clear Trigg controlled this game and are rolling in the early part of the season! They now travel west to (0-2) 4A Calloway County! This should be a good matchup but I think the Wildcats have a great shot here to be 3 and 0!

17) Crittenden County (1A) – Week 2 Results – Win 48-21 at Webster County. The Rockets OL was ultimately the difference in this one as they controlled this game. RB Xander Tabor had a huge night and the Rocket D picked off Webster 4 times and that will do it for ya! The Rockets now stay on the road with an hour and a half ride west over to Barlow to take on the Bomber of Ballard Memorial! I like the Rockets to do the bombing in this one!

18) Henderson County (6A) – Week 2 Results – 39-35 Shootout Win vs Evansville North, IN. Terrific Win for the Colonels! Here are a few highlights for you;
Touchdown Live Week 2: Henderson County at North
So 2 tough games from Evansville competition and 2 wins for the Colonels. But there is scheduling trouble ahead for the Colonels. They are going to lose their nearby rivals for the foreseeable future and here’s why:
Henderson County football will lose series with Reitz, North
Next up: Home vs 5A Christian County. This has been a good Western Kentucky series and I love the Colonels in this game….. Ha – we got Colonels all over the place in this one! I think Hendo will be stronger in this one!

19) Murray (2A) – Week 2 Results – Win 40-7 vs Calloway County. Tigers get their first win of the season in a dominating fashion. This is a very solid team! The Tigers could make run starting with this game all the way to the Mayfield game. Let’s see how it plays out! Next up: Home vs 6A Marshall County! I like the Tigers by 3 TDs in this game!!!

20) Apollo (6A) – Week 2 Results: Loss 43-21 at 2A Caldwell County. The Eagles were down 43-7 at the half. Just doesn’t seem they have gotten their offensive continuity going yet. They are capable, but just sputtering at the moment. Next: at gritty 6A Central Hardin. Central Hardin has one of their best teams in some time. This will be a very difficult game for the Eagles.

Week 2 Players of the Week:
*I don’t have all stats available, so please add as you see fit!

1) Mark Webb – RB/WR – Caverna – 6 rushes for 150 yards and 2 TDs; Add 1 catch for 13 yards and another TD vs Shawnee!

2) Jayden Stinson – QB – Mayfield – 11-23 for 318 passing yards with 3 TDs vs Hopkinsville!

3) Jayden Freeman – WR/RB – Paducah Tilghman – 7 carries for 176 yards and 3 TDs vs Louisville Holy Cross!

4) Russ Beshear – QB – Caldwell County – 12 for 14 for 145 yards and 2 TDs vs Apollo! Add WR Tate Van Houser who had 2 catches for 41 yards and a TD and a critical 78 yard Pick 6!

5) Xander Tabor - RB – Crittenden County – 190 yards and 3 TDs vs Webster County!

6) Reece Jesse – WR- Hopkinsville – 9 catches for 171 yards and 2 TDs vs Mayfield!

7) Jeriah Hightower – RB – Madisonville NH - 27 carries for 309 yards and 3 TDs vs Marshall County!

8) Reed Sloan – RB - Greenwood – 16 rushes for 132 and 3 TDs vs Warren Central! Add David Odom – RB – 17 rushes for 131 yards and 3 TDs!


Week 2 “Teams Trending Down”
Todd County Central (2A) – Down
– Well if you can’t beat them, tell the refs not to show up! I’m not sure of the first part, but the second part is absolutely true, as the Todd County Central game at Ft Know had no referees show up. The game is officially at this moment listed as “suspended pending administrative review”. That really sucks for both teams. But next time – call the refs in advance!
Apollo (6A) – Down – The Eagles trip to Princeton didn’t produce what the Eagles needed. Now with tough larger school teams coming up, I’m concerned for the Eagles going forward. Good luck though!

Teams “Trending Up”
Caverna (1A) – Up
– You can’t stop the Colonels! You can only hope to contain them!!! I bet the grape juice was flowing in the Colonels locker room after their big win on Friday night!!! A huge congratulations to Coach Eric Lasley and his Colonels! Best of luck next week at Berea!
Greenwood (5A) – Up – To be 2 and 0 at the start of the season isn’t something I had slated for the Gators. But they have battled and earned that record! The Gators schedule sets up pretty well the next 2 weeks for the Gators with Allen County Scottsville and Warren East. I could see Greenwood at 4 and 0 going to Logan County for a terrific matchup on September 20!
Owensboro Catholic (2A) – Up - I probably have the Aces a little low, as they have taken on at fair 5A team and a fair 6A team. If the Aces play the Red Devils competitively or win, that will be a huge feather in their cap!