BluegrassPreps - Western Kentucky Power Ranking - 09/18/16

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purple88 View Post
    Ptown, I love stuff like this! Thanks for sharing this.
    I realize it would be a HUGE undertaking, but I wish there was a way to extend the riherd's page back further in time. I suppose you could only do it school by school though.

    Concerning your information, the thing that stuck out to me was that Caldwell only has 4 wins out of 17. But I do know Tilghman has been a powerhouse in the past. Should be a great game!

    Are you going to the game Ptown?
    I haven't missed a Caldwell football game since the 1986 season, so Good Lord willing, I will be there!

    Caldwell actually had some really good teams back in the 1960s, but I think Tilghman was probably just a little better through that time. But that was just a little before me.

    I really feel like this could be a good game this week. Probably a little under-rated because of both teams' records but it looks pretty evenly matched to me.

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    I would say PT has had a significantly better program through the years than CC except for most recently.

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    Tilghman, Hopkinsville, and Caldwell Co were all very good in the 60s. Along with Owensboro and Mayfield.

    We (BG) had every dang one of them on the schedule. Along with Glasgow, Franklin-Simpson, Murray (that #*% single wing), and Russellville.

    I think every one of these teams flirted with or won State Championships and had players of note.