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BluegrassPreps 2016 FINAL Western Kentucky Power Rankings – Week 10 & Playoff Preview Edition

Concerning the top story line for this week: The third season has arrived: Playoff Time! The time most of us cherish most, as teams prepare for the win or go home drama ahead! Looking back, we have had some terrific football this season! These playoffs seem pretty open (AT Least Initially) with many teams in the West capable of making deep playoff runs! Get your honey-do’s out of the way Sports Fans and get out and watch some playoff High School Football! Nothing Like it!

Popcorn N Coke Top 10 Version – Week 10:
Not as big a shake up as last year as only 2 Top 10 Teams fell this last week of the regular season! Teams 11 through 15…. Well not so much – but read on!!! Even if you fell in Week 10, I applaud your scheduling to get you prepared to make a tough playoff run!!! Good Luck!!!
1. Bowling Green 5A (10-0): Win 42-14 at 6A McCracken County
2. Mayfield 2A (10-0): Win 52-27 vs 3A Caldwell County
3. Franklin Simpson 4A (10-0): Win 34-7 at 1A Russellville
4. Greenwood 5A (8-2): Win 43-6 vs 4A Warren Central
5. South Warren 4A (8-2): Loss 56-42 at Pope John Paul II, TN
6. Owensboro Catholic (8-2): Win 38-35 vs 6A North Hardin
7. McCracken County 6A (7-3): Loss 42-14 vs 5A Bowling Green
8. Owensboro (8-2): Win 35-6 vs 6A Henderson County
9. Christian County 5A (8-2): Win 38-0 vs 4A John Hardin
10. Hopkinsville 4A (9-1): Win 55-14 vs 5A Marshall County

Week 10 Western Kentucky Game of the Week: 10-0 4A Franklin Simpson 34 at 9-1 1A Russellville 7. Great game in Russellville last Friday!!! Both teams gave great effort and I think both teams will go a Long way in the playoffs this season! Thanks to our good friend @FSfan, who reported Russellville scored first and led 7-0 with 9:41 left in the 1st quarter. Franklin Simpson scored in the second quarter and the game was tied at 7 at the half. Franklin scored with 26 seconds left in the third quarter and then Franklin’s depth came into play as many had predicted. Franklin scored 3 TDs in the fourth quarter and secured the Wildcat’s second undefeated team (1975 was the other year). More on this one below!

Meat & Potato’s Version Week 10 Top 10:
10) Hopkinsville (4A) – PR: 9; LW: 10 - 2016 Record 9-1; [District Record 4-0] Week 10 Results: Win 55-14 vs 5A Marshall County (5-5) I don’t have any stats on this one, but just think the Tigers are WAY too athletic for the Marshalls at this point. But Marshall County got it done last week at Apollo and earned a date in BG next week!
Playoff Snapshot: This Tiger’s team is really playing well! However, I fear it may be like Kramer fighting 6th graders on Seinfeld. Regardless this team has Top athletes and can challenge any 4A Team.
Ceiling: Shock the World and beat South Warren and Franklin Simpson and the Region 2 winner and play for it all at WKU!
Floor: Although I like Warren East as the best 3 and 7 team in the State and maybe #2 in your district, I don’t like them in Round 1 at Hoptown. Therefore, your floor would be a loss at home to the South Warren Spartans in a GREAT GAME!!!
Purple88 Pick: Beat a Re-Injured South Warren squad and play valiantly at Franklin Simpson Wildcats, but come up just short again: 34-28 Franklin Simpson.

9) Christian County (5A) – PR: 5; LW: 9 - 2016 Record 8-2; [District Record 3-1] Week 10 Results: Win: 38-0 vs 4A John Hardin 6-4. No stats here as well. Maybe our good friend @TackleTrap could provide a quick recap on this game. But the score says it all to me. Team Jekyll & Hyde aka John Hardin just didn’t bring it to Christian County this week. Look for close games for them for the rest of their season as continuity doesn’t seem to be their prime characteristic this season. As for Christian County, this team is really good and they have very good players and 1 of the absolute best in the West in Keyron Catlett. Do NOT underestimate this team!
Playoff Snapshot: This team has continued to improve throughout the season and is peaking at the right time. This will help them for Week 2 at BG. Yes, the Colonels fell to BG early in the year by a running clock, but it’s hard to beat a team twice in 1 season.
Ceiling: Shock the World and show up in Owensboro or Greenwood Week 3.
Floor: Barren County kidnaps the Christian bus driver and heads for Mexico! The refs figure Christian forfeited! Only shot! But you did get a win v Grayson Trojans - so Congrats!
Purple88 Pick: Christian shows up ready to play at BG and hangs with the Purples –for a half – 48-21 BG. No shame in that with THIS BG team!

8) Owensboro (5A) – PR: 7; LW: 8 - 2016 Record 8-2; [District Record 4-0] Week 10 Results: Win: 60-13 vs 6A Henderson County (3-7). It’s NO STATs week sorry. But this is another good win for the Red Devils! Don’t look now, but Owensboro hasn’t lost since I was last at Old Hickory Barbeque WAY back on September 9 against BG.
Playoff Snapshot: Owensboro has really improved since playing OCATH and BG! The Veer wrinkle in the offense has really paid off. When they went to Christian County and won in the rain; that was impressive and brought the Red Devils together! This team has excellent skill players and line play and will be a tough out for anyone.
Ceiling: Get the power running game going and exorcise some Purple Demons and make it to CovCath the day after Thanksgiving! Boy that turkey would sure be SWEET in Owensboro!
Floor: The team that plays a mirror style offense as you, the Greenwood Gators, are good enough to beat you in Round #2!
Purple88 Pick: Owensboro will travel to El Donaldson Stadium for a rematch of their regular season battle that was all Purples. Red Devils play better in this one, but still not enough, especially at the El - 42-17 BG!

7) McCracken County (6A) – PR: 4; LW: 6 - 2016 Record 7-3; [District Record 4-0] Week 10 Results: Loss: 42 to 14 vs 5A Bowling Green (10-0). DL/FB/Slot Quamea Jones, WR/DL Tyce Daniel, WR Halliburton, SO QB Max Howard and RB TaeShawn Allen all really caught my eye in this game and played very well. Lot to like going forward in McCracken County! The bad part of this game is you had 5 turnovers and Cash Jones and Tyce Daniel both had “minor” injuries. I hope not more than that. I hate that this series will not continue. The McCracken fan base shows up LOUD and ready; they have GREAT facilities and again just keep your very good young coaching staff intact and I see great things in your future!
Playoff Snapshot: This team has many very good athletes and I think can beat any 6A squad in the West (including the Central Hardin, North Hardin and Meade County District). But, playing the Jefferson County beasts…..…that’s a problem (problem for all 6A really)!
Ceiling: Beat a very good Pleasure Ridge Park (PRP) squad and host the Beasts in Week 2. Give it your best shot Mustangs – You have NOTHING to lose! Play to Win!
Floor: PRP is good enough to beat you and several will say is the favorite in Week 1. Can’t afford to come out flat or wilt in the 4th Quarter!
Purple 88 Pick: Mustangs have just enough to get by a quality PRP squad as McCracken plays their best game of the year. Then host the Male Bulldogs in Week #2 and play with them for a half. But the Bulldogs are the real deal and get it done in the second half 42-21 Bulldogs.

6). Owensboro Catholic (2A) – PR: Top 15; LW: 7 - 2016 Record 9-1; [District Record 4-0] Week 10 Results: Win: 38-35 vs 6A North Hardin (6-4). Back and forth game in Owensboro last Friday. Aces get a hard fought victory and a lot of momentum for the playoffs. 6A North Hardin had a chance at the end of this game but DB Weston Jacob comes up with a HUGE INT to preserve the Aces win. RB Vonn Miller had 25 carries for 102 yards on the night. Nice win Aces!!!
Playoff Snapshot: This year’s Aces are not Team Nintendo, but honestly this year’s Aces are on pace to have a better record than last year’s excellent team! On a BIG Roll right now and have home field for a long time!!!
Ceiling: Playing for the 2A Championship in BG! You are not the favorite, but you are capable!
Floor: I just don’t see this team losing before a GREAT Matchup in Week 3 At Home vs the ever-present Mayfield Cardinals.
Purple88 Pick: I think the Mayfield game is one of the Best Games in the State Week 3 and you give it all you got, but I just can’t pick against Mayfield, as the Aces come up just short: 42-35 Mayfield!

5) South Warren (4A) – PR: 3; LW: 4 - 2016 Record 7-3; [District Record 3-1] Week 10 Results: Loss: 56-42 vs Pope John Paul II, TN (6-4). Thanks to our good friend @jcarter for GREAT game updates as South goes down to the Pope in Tennessee. But this year’s version of the Pontiff was much different as both jcarter and @Spinstopshere reports excellent lines and skill players for PJPII. South was down 27-0 early, but didn’t quit and fought back to lead 28-27 and then again at 35-34, but just couldn’t muster enough late to get the win. Ryder Litten, CJ Hayes, Jacob Lacey and Kayron Namvong are terrific players and their health will determine Souths post season run IMO.
Playoff Snapshot: South Warren was the prohibitive favorite to repeat from their inaugural championship year in 2015. The epic battle with Greenwood changed that more by the injury toll it took than the loss on the field. Then a great effort at Franklin Simpson came up just short shattering back to back district championship hopes. However, the core of this team is still together and barring any additional or recurring injuries is still a VERY formidable squad capable of making a deep run!
Ceiling – After last season, South has the moxie and the players (if healthy) to be able to get back to the carpet at WKU to defend their title!
Floor – No problems in the first round unless Madisonville spikes the Gatorade! Going to Hopkinsville – that’s another matter! Hoptown can pass the ball and that has caused the Spartan D challenges this season. Athletes will be all over the field for both. But Hoptown is capable of beating you.
Purple88 Pick: I’ve mentioned injuries and health at least 3 times for the Spartans and just have a feeling this is ultimately what is the root cause of their demise this season! If I’m wrong about the injuries, things could be different, but if I’m right Hoptown will win convincingly. But make no mistake, Ryder Litten is the key! He’s that good!

4). Greenwood (5A) – PR: 10; LW: 5 - 2016 Record 8-2; [District Record 2-1] Week 10 Results: Win: 43-6 vs 4A Warren Central (0-10). No stats here, but Greenwood just WAY too strong for the Dragons this season. Greenwood needed this game for momentum as a gritty Graves County squad will test the Gators in Round 1.
Playoff Snapshot: Gators entered the 2015 Playoffs with an identical record. But I think this team is better than last year. Certainly have aspirations for another shot at El Donaldson Stadium. But a gritty Graves County squad and an improving Owensboro team will have something to say about that!
Ceiling: The Gators can make it back to the El for another dance with the Purples, but will they end up paying the band again! You tell me!!!
Floor: The Graves County Eagles are always a dangerous playoff team and are known for their relentless attack and never say die attitude. The Eagles were in both Christian County and Owensboro games, but faded. But they “could” get it done at the Swamp!
Purple88 Pick: Beat a wounded Eagle club at home and then traverse up to Rash Stadium for a date with the Red Devils. Although you are capable, Rash is a very difficult place for most to get a win and I feel you come up inches short in this game (but much closer than last year) 24-23 Owensboro!

3) Franklin Simpson (4A) – PR: 8; LW – 3 - 2016 Record 10-0; [District Record 4-0] Week 10 Results: Win: 41-18 at 1A Russellville (9-1). GREAT win Wildcats! As you rolled through the season undefeated and equaled what only your 1975 talented squad achieved. That 1975 team lost in the 3A Finals to Highlands, but I think you make that run back to the finals as well! Josiah Roby really is a Star for the Wildcats. You may see him later. Total yard for the game (thanks to our good friend @macdon) 349 Franklin v 142 Russellville, but at the half the difference was only 12 yards. Russellville only gained 27 yards in the second half. Wildcat D really showed up! Great Momentum for the playoffs!!!
Playoff Snapshot: Could they have played any better this season Wildcat Fans? I don’t think so! You climbed the Power Rankings 5 Spots – Tying OCATH for the most on the season! Impressive! Now the 4A Playoffs come to Shadetree up until the carpet at WKU! Nice timing for a great run!
Ceiling – This team is clearly capable of making the 4 Game Run to WKU!!!
Floor – The winner of Calloway County v Allen County Scottsville will give you a good warmup, but your defense will be too much for either. Week 3 vs South Warren or Hoptown will be an outright WAR! And either “would” be capable of beating you!
Purple88 Pick: I just get the feeling that this is Franklin’s year (excellent defense, well coached, added the passing wrinkle, excellent running, excellent lines, AND Home Field!!! That is powerful! The Wildcats advance to WKU to face the East’s Champion (likely Johnson Central) in what should be a GREAT game!!!!

2) Mayfield (2A) – PR: 2; LW: 2 - 2016 Record 10-0; [District Record 3-0] - Week 10 Results: Win: 52-27 vs 3A Caldwell (6-4). This Cardinal offense is a BuzzSaw right now! 35 points (vs stout 3A Corbin) is the least they have scored ALL YEAR – That’s 5 TDs. They have put a 50-Burger on 4 teams including the last 3. You “could” have some disgruntlement about the defense, but only if you’re looking to shutout ever team. But that’s just how high the bar is set in Cardinal Land! Momentum is an understatement! All signs show a return to BG
Playoff Snapshot: BUYER BEWARE! In this or any playoff season, if you draw the Cardinals, you better bring everything ya got and prepare to play to the final horn! They are playing as well as any team and are coached as well as anyone! This isn’t their first rodeo – Seasoned and Ready! But the friendly confines of War Memorial Stadium will only be used through Round 2 this season! Get the family roadster revved up for the playoffs Cardinal fans you’re gonna need to burn some gas this post-season!!!
Ceiling: They have been to the Championship Game every year since 2009, I see nothing that says that has to stop this year!
Floor: Week 3 you should be marching to Owensboro for a date with Old Hickory Barbeque and the Owensboro Catholic Aces. The Aces have really impressed me this year and have enough to beat you with help (turnovers, home field, etc.)!
Purple88 Pick: The CAL v Mayfield game will be epic the day after Thanksgiving! And pick against Mayfield if you MUST, but for me Mayfield leaves em all in the DUST! Cardinals go back to the carpet at WKU!

1) Bowling Green (5A) – PR: 1; LW: 1 - 2016 Record 10-0; [District Record 3-0] Week 10 Results: Win: 42-14 vs 6A McCracken County (7-3). Enjoy THIS Purples Fans! THIS right now! There are no guarantee’s going forward. Yes, the future looks bright, but enjoy THIS ride! One of the best Purples teams I have seen period. Come out and watch some of their games; you will enjoy it! The McCracken game was really an odd duck when you think about the first quarter McCracken was matching BG TD for TD and was 14 all VERY early. Then the BG D tightened (thanks to Coach Spader) and didn’t allow another point. The BG offense in the first half was opportunistic, but 14 of the 42 points were a Pick 6 and Vito Tisdale Kick 6. Once halftime rolled around credit Coach Jackson for going with a blitz package with WR Tyce Daniel at DE that put more pressure on QB Clark Payne than Coach Wallace would like and BG decided to run heavily in the second half, run clock and aim luckily for fewer injuries. Add one of the craziest TDs where Vito Tisdale on 4th and goal at the 1 was stuffed, but pitches it back towards Clark Payne, but that pitch was short so the ball is rolling on the ground and Tisdale beats everyone to the ball and outruns them all to the end zone. Crazy! Purples needed this kind of game though as McCracken has very good athletes the Purples needed to pay attention to!
Playoff Snapshot: 10 and 0 is 10 and 0. Everything this team has set out to do up to this point they have done. Now in the post season, only the 5A Championship will suffice! Beware 5A!
Ceiling: BG is the clear favorite to get back to the Championship Game at WKU!
Floor: Graves County was rated below #5 in 5A in 2014 when they came to BG and beat BG 7-0. BG “could” lose to either Christian County in Week #2 or Owensboro in Week #3 is their floor.
Purple88 Pick: 2014 is 2014 and 2016 is 2016. This BG squad seems very steady to me and that starts with their best offensive players (Seniors - Payne, Carothers and Wilson). Add stalwart defenders (Cofer, Tisdale and undervalued Stahl, Halcomb & Darden) and I just don’t see this team losing. Although, I do feel the away game vs CovCath/Highlands/or Fern Creek in the Regional Final will be their most difficult task of all!

Week 10 Players of the Week: (At this time of the season, I’m going with the guys who are getting it done and the guys whose stats I have. Plain and simple. Also, I do not get many stats at all by the time this edition goes out, so please add to the list and thank you for it!)

1) Dalton Ferrell – QB – Paducah Tilghman - 19-of-31 for 622 yards and four touchdowns vs Murray.
RB - Alec Gold ran it 24 times for 165 yards and 4 touchdowns.
Thanks to our good friend @truebluefan89 who reported Tilghman racked up 945 yards of offense!!!
2) Josiah Robbins – RB – Franklin Simpson – 8 rushes for 230 yards vs Russellville!
3) Nick Mills – SO WR – OCATH – 6 catches for 212 yards vs 6A North Hardin.
4) Tyler Ezell – QB – Logan County! – 18-35 for 259 yard and 3 TDs vs 1 INT! Way to Go Cougars!!!

Week 10 “Big Droppers”
Glasgow (2A) – Down – Scotties drove up to Etown and got their Doors Blown Off!!! You are not here Scottie fans because you lost; you are here because you were down 45-7 AT THE HALF!!! Just not what I was looking for. I realize Etown has a good team and likely better than most think, but not 38 points at the half better! Come on Scotties you’ve got to fire up to make it far with very solid teams like DeSales and CAL in the near future!!!!
Calloway County (4A) – Down – Lost to Graves County 53-12. Really, this is just a barometer game and lets us know that Graves County still has a lot left in the tank, but the Lakers ceiling is clearly their Round 1 home game vs gritty Allen County Scottsville. Rise Up Lakers!!! Lot on the line for you in that game trying to build momentum for you going into the off season!

Week 10 “Big Risers”
Christian County (5A) – Up
– Really a pendulum swing game for the Colonels. Lose this John Hardin game and I really think you have NO SHOT at BG in 2 week with a home loss here. BUT Not this year! I think the Colonels are playing their best ball right now. And although I just can’t pick you to upset the Purples at El Donaldson Stadium. I do expect you to give them everything you have and it will be a much closer game than Week 2. Keyron Catlett will be a Tough Out!!!
Owensboro Catholic (2A) – Up – Pendulum swing game #2! Lose this game and it would have set you back. Would not have been a bad loss on paper, but the mental momentum swing of a 16-18 year old kid is a fickle pickle. And if you want to take down the Rock of Gibraltar that is the Mayfield Cardinals, then you need to be on ALL Cylinders starting NOW! Good luck the rest of the way ACES!!! !

11 Thru 15

11. Paducah Tilghman (3A) – PR: Top 15; LW: 15 – 2016 Record: 5-5. Win: 68-46 vs 2A Murray (3-7). 114 Points!!! WHOA NELLY!!! The Blue Tornado’s almost put up 1,000 yards of offense (945 total yards)!!! UNREAL! Murray stinks this year yes, but has any team made a move like this one this late sports fans? I don’t easily recall that! Congratulations to Coach Barber, players and fans!!!
Playoff Snapshot: Team Casino has been rollin 7’s here lately!!! They appear to have bought in and have athletes capable of making plays (as they nearly always do!). But how will they handle snake eyes if it comes early in a game….. No one knows, but it sure will be fun finding out!!!
Purple88 Pick: I just get the feel this team can make a little run now. Yes, it’s been said before and the Tornados ran out of wind. But against Larue County, it’s all Blue Tornado’s. I also think this team is capable of catching lightning in a bottle and hanging with Etown and I’m picking them to upset the Panthers in Etown. But that’s the end of the line as they don’t have the line play to beat Caldwell in Princeton IMO. BUT, GREAT comeback for Coach Barber’s inaugural campaign!!! Future looks BRIGHT!!!
12. Russellville (1A) – Preseason Rank (PR): Top 15; Last Week (LW): 11 - 2016 Record 9-1; [District Record 3-0] Week 10 Results: Loss: 34-7 vs 4A Franklin Simpson (10-0). Excellent effort Panthers!!! You gave it all you had and that was exactly what I was looking for! Jaylynn McMurray QB played a whale of a game for the home team. Chin up Panthers! Lot’s to play for!
Playoff Snapshot: Russellville is a good team. Yes they took it on the chin last Friday, but every other 1A team would have as well. Last year the Panthers made it all the way to Beechwood in the Regional Final before bowing out.
Purple88 Pick: But this team is better. They have better line play to go with SR leaders that have a will to win! The Panthers make it to WKU! You heard it here First!!!!!
13. Butler County (2A) – PR: Top 15; LW: 14 – 2016 Record 7-3: Win: 48-7 vs 6A Ohio County (2-8). Don’t know much about this one other than the Bears collected 4 interceptions and put 3 sacks on the Ohio County QB and it was ALL Bears from there!
Playoff Snapshot: Bears are a pretty good team. They have a superstar “King” Rex Henderson, but not a whole lot more. Not saying there isn’t any effort, but compared to other 2A teams on the horizon it’s a TALL order. 7 and 3 is a very respectable record.
Purple88 Pick: King Rex gets a home playoff win his Senior year vs Ballard Memorial. I am really happy for him for this. But the next train station is War Memorial Stadium (Mayfield), which is like a 2A Elephant Burial Ground, where they simply walk to die or in this case graduate and move on. But it’s been a Great Ride KING! Thanks for letting us tag along!!!
14. Glasgow (2A) – PR: Top 15; LW: 12 – 2016 Record: 8-1: Loss 51-13 at Elizabethtown (6-4). Outgained by 200 yards. 45-7 at the half. Call me disappointed in this result.
Playoff Snapshot: I’ve been high on Glasgow all year and the Scotties only disappointed me here last week. I want to pick you to go further, but after this week I am guarding my losses and pulling that back. Still like you, but hesitant to go ALL IN!
Purple88 Pick: After an easy first game vs Shawnee, the DeSales Colts come calling and they are tough as nails. I would have picked an upset here had you shown up at Etown, but just can’t now. Scottie’s road ends vs the Colts 35-32.
15. Caldwell County (3A) – PR: 9; LW: 13 – 2016 Record: 6-4: Week 10: Loss: 52-27 at 2A Mayfield. No crime losing at War Memorial Stadium. Will you learn from it is the question! Tigers were up 21-17 at the half and then outscored 35-6 in the second half. Need a better 4 quarter effort in the playoffs Tigers!
Playoff Snapshot: Caldwell has been chasing the dog all season long! I mean they scheduled very good teams out of the gate and just didn’t win them. Then more manageable games came around plus district play and so did the wins. Now most would take this as a mixed message, but I feel the Tigers are primed for a good run in the playoffs!
Purple88 Pick: Easy win over Hart County; then a better test against Adair County with upset minded Paducah Tilghman in a rematch the Tigers win by 10. That leads to a likely matchup with a lottery selection between Central, Boyle County or Lexington Catholic. Depends on who emerges from this group as to how they match up with Caldwell. BUT what the heck, I’m going with Caldwell to go to WKU and be arguably the biggest underdog in the State Finals vs Belfry.

Others Receiving Votes: Graves County, Adair County, Muhlenberg County, Allen County Scottsville, Metcalfe County, McLean County, and Edmonson County

THE FINAL 7: I decided to add all State-wide Undefeated Teams on our final list as a salute to all of them! Congratulations on this Great Feat! Good luck in the playoffs! SO, How many of these teams will win a State Championship is the question??? You tell me!!!

Bowling Green
Franklin Simpson
Lexington Christian

“Broke Their Maiden”
– In horse racing, when you break your maiden, you win your first race. Well this category is for teams that don’t get as much love, but did get their first victory of the season here and I think that’s significant:

We are all Logan County Cougar Fans this week Sports Fans as the Cougars picked up their first win since October 12, 2012 in a win at 2A Todd County Central (0-10) 56-27! The sun is shining bright this week in Russellville for sure! Congratulations Cougar Nation!!!

THE FORGOTTEN 4: These 4 are likely punched out like Glass Joe in Mike Tyson Punchout!!! It’s been a long season and to not get 1 win has to weigh these programs down like the anchor of the Titanic.

Caverna - Better luck next year Colonels!
Fulton County - I really feel for the Pilots!
Todd County Central – Better Luck next year Rebels!
Warren Central - Respect the heck out of this team for competing all season with what they had to face! Better luck next year!

Farewell: End of the Road! It’s been a Long Road, but I hope you have found it as fun as I have! Even if you don’t agree with my rankings, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of our other teams out West!

We have A LOT to be thankful for in having good football teams in the West! Now get out there and support your team in person! It’s a great time of year! Sweatshirt and shorts weather is my absolute favorite to go watch a game. Good luck to your teams this playoff season and hope to see ya next year I hope!