Mr. Football Watchlist (9/12)

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    Beau Buchanan, Bowling Green (4-0, ranked #2 in 5A)

    Week 3: 19 of 29 for 198 yards and a TD in a 21-12 win over Owensboro

    Season to date: 81 of 138 for 978 yards with 4 TDs and 2 int.

    Stock: <>

    Another solid, but hardly spectacular outing from Buchanan versus Owensboro. Four games in, he's still searching for an attention grabbing type of performance. But the Purples are 4-0 with a win over St. X, so you're not likely to hear many concerns coming from BG's camp.

    Owensboro High School - Beau Buchanan highlights - Hudl

    Joey Cambron, Daviess County (2-2, unranked in 6A)

    Week 3: 9 of 13 for 140 yards and 2 TDs in a 20-0 win over Hancock County

    Season to date: 72 of 123 for 852 yards with 10 TDs and 7 ints.

    Stock: <>

    Cambron looked like he was on his way to a monster game before lightning halted the game after just one quarter of play.

    Gavin Spurrier, South Warren (4-0, ranked #3 in 5A)

    Week 3: 12 of 15 for 211 yards and 3 TDs in a 59-0 win over Central Hardin

    Season to date: 43 of 57 for 690 yards and 10 TDs with 1 int.

    Stock: UP

    Spurrier's high rate of efficiency continued against another solid opponent. His 75.4% completion percentage is tied for second in the state and his 10/1 touchdown to interception ratio ranks third.

    Central Hardin High School - Gavin Spurrier highlights - Hudl

    Braxton Ratliff, Ashland (4-0, ranked #3 in 4A)

    Week 3: 7 of 14 for 82 yards and a TD ; 10 rushes for 149 yards and 2 TDs in a 41-0 win over Russell

    Season to date: 35 of 60 for 760 yards and 9 TDs with 2 ints. ; 32 rushes for 363 yards and 4 TDs

    Stock: <>

    Ratliff's legs outperformed his arm for the second straight game. That could be the case more often than not from here on out with the continued emergence of Ashland's running game and a significant injury to the Tomcats’ biggest deep threat in the passing game.

    Russell High School - Braxton Ratliff highlights - Hudl

    Jaden Stinson, Mayfield (4-0, ranked #2 in 2A)

    Week 3: 13 of 21 for 336 yards and 6 TDs in a 51-21 win over McCracken County

    Season to date: 49 of 81 for 1,010 yards and 13 TDs with 0 ints.

    Stock: UP

    No quarterback in the state has thrown more touchdown passes without an interception than Stinson. His 336 yards and 6 TD passes versus McCracken were both career highs.

    McCracken County High School - Jayden Stinson highlights - Hudl

    Chase Estep, Corbin (4-0, ranked #2 in 3A)

    Week 3: 17 of 25 for 228 yards with a TD and 2 ints. ; 16 rushes for 56 yards and 3 TDs in a 21-14 win over Beechwood

    Season to date: 51 of 81 for 991 yards with 10 TDs and 3 ints. ; 44 rushes for 302 yards and 6 TDs

    Stock: <>

    The numbers dropped a tad, but that's largely because the level of opposition went up. The Redhounds have a bye this week before Estep has another potential showcase game versus Mayfield.

    Cameron Jones, Frederick Douglass (4-0, ranked #5 in 6A)

    Week 3: 12 of 17 for 214 yards with 2 TDs and 3 ints. in a 43-0 win over Lafayette

    Season to date: 55 of 70 for 1,025 yards with 14 TDs and 3 ints.

    Stock : <>

    Jones threw his first three interceptions of the year in an otherwise solid showing against Lafayette. This week against Madison Central, he'll face a pass defense that's only giving up 67 yards per game through the air. Then it's cruise control for two weeks before a massive showdown with Scott County.

    Lafayette High School - Cameron Jones (BIG CAM) highlights - Hudl

    Running Backs

    Wandale Robinson, Western Hills (2-1, ranked #10 in 3A)

    Week 3: 15 rushes for 248 yards and 2 TDs in a 20-0 win over Bath County

    Season to date: 49 rushes for 571 yards and 6 TDs ; 4 catches for 196 yards and 3 TDs ; 1 punt return TD

    Stock: <>

    The fleet footed Robinson's night against Bath County was highlighted by 88 and 77 yard touchdown runs. He also pitched in 12 tackles on defense. If you want an idea as to how difficult it is to corral Wandale, watch the first run in the Hudl video linked below. The play only results in an 8 or 9 yard gain, but they're about as adventurous an 8 or 9 yards as you'll see all season.

    Casey McGinness, Covington Catholic (4-0, ranked #1 in 5A)

    Week 3: 10 rushes for 159 yards and 3 TDs ; 2 catches for 44 yards and a TD in a 42-9 win over Kings (OH)

    Season to date: 48 carries for 589 yards and 10 TDs ; 6 catches for 120 yards and a 2 TDs

    Stock: UP

    In CovCath’s toughest test to date, McGinness shined just as he had the first three weeks. He's averaging a touchdown every 4 to 5 times he touches the ball.

    Tre’ Bass, Franklin Simpson (3-1, ranked #2 in 4A)

    Week 3: 13 rushes for 198 yards and a 3 TDs in a 50-7 win over Greenwood

    Season to date: 43 carries for 521 yards and 9 TDs

    Stock: UP

    After searching to no avail for running room versus South Warren, Bass got back on track against Greenwood.

    Aidan Robbins, Manual (2-1, ranked #8 in 6A)

    Week 3: 13 carries for 165 yards and 2 TDs in a 31-0 win over Western

    Season to date: 49 rushes for 277 yards and 6 TDs

    Stock: UP

    Robbins finally had the breakthrough game he'd been waiting for this season after being bottled up against Central and Fern Creek .

    Jayden Neace, Perry County Central (4-0, unranked in 5A)

    Week 3: 21 rushes for 221 yards and 3 TDs in a 41-14 win over Clay County

    Season to date: 88 carries for 1,091 yards and 17 TDs

    Stock: <>

    With his third straight 200+ yard performance, Neace became the first running back in the state to crack the 1,000 yard plateau this season. It's a safe bet that he'll continue this pace in the weeks to come.

    Kent Trey Matthews, Mayfield (4-0, ranked #2 in 2A)

    Week 3: 13 carries for 103 yards ; 4 catches for 40 yards and a TD in a 51-21 win over McCracken County

    Season to date: 79 rushes for 677 yards and 8 TDs

    Stock: <>

    His QB’s huge night cut into his production some, but Matthews still made a big impact against the Mustangs. The Stinson/Matthews duo has the Cardinals offense humming at the moment.

    Anthony Adkins, Larue County (2-2, unranked in 3A)

    Week 3: 13 carries for 67 yards in a 39-0 loss to Taylor County

    Season to date: 46 rushes for 491 yards and 6 TDs ; 2 catches for 51 yards and a TD ; 1 kickoff return TD

    Stock: DOWN

    He didn't completely disappear versus Taylor County, but a pedestrian showing in a blowout loss has Adkins teetering on the edge of the watchlist.

    Landan Swartz, Bath County (2-1, unranked in 3A)

    Week 2: 27 rushes for 102 yards in a 20-0 loss to Western Hills

    Season to date: 94 rushes for 554 yards and 7 TDs

    Stock: <>

    For the second straight year, Swartz was shown up by Wandale, but had a respectable showing himself. His 94 carries through three games begs the question, “Can he keep up this pace all season?”

    Wide Receivers

    Demontae Crumes, Butler (3-1, ranked #6 in 6A)

    Week 3: 3 catch for 62 yards and a 2 TDs in a 43-16 win over Fern Creek

    Season to date: 11 catches for 344 yards and 5 TDs

    Stock: <>

    There were no 60+ yard touchdown catches to be found versus Fern Creek, but Crumes did hook up with his quarterback on a 33 yard scoring strike.

    Marquel Tinsley, Daviess County (2-2, unranked in 6A)

    Week 2: 2 catches for 34 yards and a TD in a 20-0 win over Hancock County

    Season to date: 22 catches for 364 yards and 5 TDs

    Stock: <>

    Just like his quarterback, Tinsley was looking at a big night before Mother Nature intervened. Also like his QB, he'll have an opportunity to up his stock with a great game and a win versus Owensboro.


    Bryan Hudson, Scott County (4-0, ranked #2 in 6A)

    Week 3: The Cardinals rushed for 273 yards ; Hudson had 3 tackles for loss in a 10-7 win over Moeller (OH)

    Stock: UP

    Scott County logged it's first ever win over an opponent from the greatly esteemed GCL South. Hudson is proving to be just as formidable on the defensive side of the ball as the offensive.

    Jacob Lacey, South Warren (4-0, ranked #3 in 5A)

    Week 3: 5 tackles (3 TFL) in a 59-0 win over Central Hardin

    Season to date: 13 tackles (5 TFL) ; 2 sacks ; 1 forced fumble

    Stock: UP

    Lacey was right at the center of a defensive effort that stifled the Bruins at every turn. Central Hardin was held to 49 yards of offense.

    Tanner Bowles, Glasgow (4-0, ranked #4 in 2A)

    Week 3: The Scotties rushed for 389 yards and 4 TDs in a 28-7 win over Allen County-Scottsville

    Stock: UP

    Glasgow, and running back Nick Mitchell in particular, had a field day churning out rushing yardage versus previously unbeaten ACS. The video linked below is for Nick Mitchell, but it does a great job of representing the level of domination that Bowles provides at left tackle.


    Milton Wright, Christian Academy of Louisville (4-0, ranked #3 in 2A)

    Week 3: 6 catches for 87 yards ; 2 rushes for 61 yards and a TD ; 5 tackles (1 TFL) in a 48-10 win over Elizabethtown

    Season to date: 14 catches for 226 yards and 3 TDs ; 130 yards rushing and 2 TDs ; 22 tackles ; kick return TD

    Stock: <>

    Whether he's lined up out wide, in the slot, or in the backfield running the Wildcat, Wright is simply one of the most versatile and difficult talents in the state to game plan for.

    Logan Castleman, Beechwood (2-1, ranked #1 in 1A)

    Week 3: 9 carries for 25 yards ; 3 catches for 42 yards and a TD in a 21-14 loss to Corbin

    Season to date: 28 carries for 271 yards and 4 TDs

    Stock: DOWN

    Castleman struggled to find running lanes against a stout Corbin defense, but still made an impact catching the ball. Like any great player, he found a way to help his team when Plan A wasn't working.

    Drew Sawyers, Southwestern (4-0, ranked #5 in 5A)

    Week 3: 7 of 8 for 58 yards ; 17 rushes for 102 yards and a TD ; an interception ; kickoff return TD in a 31-24 win over Henry Clay

    Season to date: 25 of 40 for 355 yards and 2 TDs ; 49 rushes for 377 yards and 3 TDs ; 1 interception ; 3 kickoff return TDs

    Stock: UP

    It's time to give this young man some attention. He both rushed and passed for 1,000+ yards each last year, accounted for 25 total TDs (passing, rushing, receiving, interception return, kick return), and led the Warriors in interceptions. He's a true Iron Man player who seldom comes off the field.
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    Need to add Freddy Chenault to the list of RB from Madison Central. He has 522 yards on 81 carries with 10 touchdowns so far this year.