Best run over the past decade?

Page 2 of This post is to recognize a great run over the past ten years by the team that I am partial to. I welcome others to post on here the numbers of other t... 16 comments | 3155 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Quote Originally Posted by GCHS View Post
    Belfry & Central... IIRC, there has only been one title game in the last 10 years that did NOT feature one of them (2017 Boyle vs. Corbin). Is that right?
    2009 Somerset vs. Tilghman as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by ATLCat View Post
    1. Trinity
    2. Mayfield
    3. Belfry
    4. Central
    5. Highlands

    Quote Originally Posted by Voice of Reason View Post
    Switch Highlands and Central for me.
    Doesn't Highlands get some bonus points for playing up in class and winning titles? I believe the others on the list played in their assign class by KHSAA (boy population).