Bell County Head Coach Wayne Mills Suspended Again?

Page 3 of Hearing that Bell County head Coach Wayne Mills is suspended for this week's game against Jackson County. From what I gather it is not related to his p... 32 comments | 7328 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wireman View Post
    Add this to the list things I should've been arrested for I guess.
    Yeah, me too. In my defense I was 16 and unwise.

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    Unfortunately for Mills this could get really bad fast. There is precedent set in the courts that mooning can be considered a sex crime. If someone saw his backside and wants to push it this could land him on a sex offender registry for life and cost him his ability to work in the school system at all, his career could be over. All for something as silly as a mooning incident. My guess is that this is why it's in federal court and why Bell Co board is behind the plaintiff. The school board likely has been advised of the possible outcome by their counsel and have chosen to save face by siding against Mills.

    All speculation of course.

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    Could Bell be making this bigger than it is as a reason/excuse to remove him as the coach?