Belfry/Cabell Midland (WV) Predictions

Page 2 of Big inter-state showdown These two have met the last two seasons and split the series. The last time Belfry went to Cabell Midland they got ran off the... 15 comments | 1159 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    @Walk The Plank , Belfry definitely hit a rough patch in 2015 where they couldn't hold onto the ball, and didn't seem mentally prepared for battle. It happened last year in Knoxville too. They play a tough early season schedule, and then usually have a couple of weaker opponents before this mid season stretch. Maybe it is just a lapse in focus, I don't know, but they have been plagued.

    If they cough it up a lot tonight, they will get manhandled. This defense is improving, but they need the offense to stay on the field and use up a lot of the clock. Long sustained drives punctuated by 7 points will help the defense more than anything.