Belfry 15 DeSales 14 (2OT)

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    I saw the original video posted that shows the Belfry back go down, then stretch his arms out. At first I was under the impression that it was a bad call, then I saw the full play on WYMT and a fan made video on Twitter and it’s fairly clear that the player crossed the goal line and the line judge was signaling TD before the defense knocked the player back to the half yard line. A lot of the blame on bad officiating is based on a selectively cropped video being shared. Officials miss calls in every game but the one most in question in this game was called correctly.
    Thanks for the explanation.
    Makes total sense.

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    After watching two Bell County games on film in their entirety I feel they are an even better team than I first gave them credit for. They can certainly win this game and SOS doesn't matter the first week of December.

    In the end, I think the difference in this game is Belfry appears to have noted advantage in team speed and appears to have a few more play-makers across the 22 starting spots.

    Bell is going to go all out to try and clog the Belfry run game up, and expect the Bobcats to throw some wrinkles on Offense. The Stephany kid may be the most game-breaking individual talent the Pirates have seen, and if they don't keep contain or fall asleep in coverage he is capable of changing the scoreboard any given play.

    I think it will be a battle, but give me Belfry 34-20.