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Hey everyone, it is your fearless leader @theguru here.

2018 is going to be our best year ever on BGP. We have added several football staff members to better serve all of you and all of our Kentucky High School Football Athletes.

First, I would like to once again congratulate all the 2017 Kentucky High School Football Champions. Beechwood with a dominating performance in Class 1A, Danville in a 2A classic, Boyle County - Who Ya With - in 3A, Franklin-Simpson stepping up in 4A, the best Covington Catholic football team ever in 5A, and 'The Bar' for Kentucky High School Football the Trinity Shamrocks in 6A.

Moving forward to 2018 I am going to give everyone one thing of interest in each football class.

In 1A, my Beechwood Tigers will be the State Champs. The rest of you can pack it in. The Beechwood Authority concurs and says the only way Beechwood doesn't run away with the 2018 title is if they have a string of injuries.

In 2A, will Mayfield be back on top? In my opinion the Cards squeaked by the first year they were up in 2A and since then it is goose egg. Will Mayfield be Mayfield in 2018?

In 3A, I am on the Chuck Smith Boyle County Bandwagon. Will anyone in 3A ever beat them again?

In 4A, I would like to see a Johnson Central vs. Franklin-Simpson rematch in the State Championship Game. I feel like 4A is a forgotten class but these two teams have the ability to change that.

In 5A, Covington Catholic is the clear number one until someone beats them but the Highlands Bluebirds interest me more. I believe 2018 is a make or break season for the Highlands football program and I am so excited to watch it unfold.

In 6A, the St. Xavier Tigers and new head coach Kevin Wallace have me tuned in. Coach Wallace is changing the culture and offense at X to go along with a strong, returning defense.

I want to publicly thank @Colonels_Wear_Blue for the awesome interviews with a select few Kentucky High School Head Football Coaches.

This year we are going to have Friday Night Weather Reports and Alerts from our BGP Meteorologist @nWo.

We are running a Money Contest this year to determine who is the most knowledgeable high school football mind in Kentucky. Here is how the $500 in Prize Money is going to break down:

Winner $250
Runner Up $100
Third $75
Fourth $50
Fifth $25

In 2017, our official theme song was “Congratulations” by Post Malone. On a personal note, anyone not familiar with Post Malone should listen to his music, he is phenomenal.

Our 2018 theme song will evolve as the year goes on but at first blush I am leaning towards “Walk it (like I) Talk it” by the Migos featuring Drake. I know there is a lot of language in many of the songs I post/link to but artistry is artistry.

Speaking of evolutions we have added more staff to our Friday Night Live Crew so that BGP can be your most inclusive stop for Kentucky High School Football on Friday nights.

Once again @B-Ball-fan is going to be the DJ/VJ in charge of Friday Night Music on the weeks we decide to "have a band."

Every Friday Night we will have an open talk thread (No Politics) in the Football Forum where we can all have a little fun with each other and let our hair/guard down.

We are also going to have BGP Prize Packs this year and I am going to do my best to get them all out in a timely manner. Most of the prize packs will be straightforward but we will have some Mystery Prize Packs.

We are not going to hustle for any additional sponsors this year but if you are interested in sponsoring BGP we have many options for you and your business. Please either PM me here on BGP or send an email to: for details.

Quickly to a couple of negatives, we are going to enforce the rules. If you want to attack other members, attack BGP, or violate any of our Terms of Service, we are going to part ways. The bottom line is BGP isn't Facebook or Twitter. We have standards here and we enforce them.

Additionally, for Suspended Members out there, all of you are welcome back as long as you follow the reinstatement process and follow the Terms of Service once you are back.

One last thing, BGP is a Community and a Discussion Forum. We are NOT a link farm for third party content. In short, if you want to share a link you have to explain it first. Our link policy, which you can find on the forum, will be incorporated into our Terms of Service before the season starts.

Thank you, Premium Members! Premium Memberships are what drives BGP and if you don't have a Premium Membership I strongly encourage it. Sometimes I hear people tell me they only want to read and don't want to post. I like free stuff, too, but the world doesn't work that way and besides, the majority of our Premium Members never post messages so it would put you in the majority. Finally, if you are not a Premium Member it is going to be tough sledding on BGP this year for you because your access to all of our content will be limited more than ever.

If anyone would like to sign up or upgrade to a Premium Membership here is the link:

I am ready for some Kentucky High School Football!

Thanks for your support everyone.

Rob aka theguru