Are things heating up at Cooper?

Page 4 of I understand Coach Borchers has been trying to light a fire under his team and promised some full equipment practices this week. I was told that last n... 50 comments | 5847 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    It’s not just about being in shape. Now it’s been a while since I played but when I was a kid kids played and worked outside a lot more than they do now. We were acclimated to heat because we were in it so much. We didn’t have nearly the distractions and opportunities kids have today. I can’t handle heat like I use to due to years of working in the AC among other things. It does make a difference.
    Bro science or not, I completely agree. I make my sons run outside to get ready for tryouts starting in June. Not bc it makes them tough, but bc of this reasoning. I believe it allows them to acclimate as the temperatures rise through the summer and is easier on their bodies as work gets more strenuous.

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    So did the parents of the boy who had to go to the hospital complain to the school?

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    Goodness. Reading this is giving me a panic attack on what my kids will be doing in High School. Maybe no pads at all until game day. If I recall right. Watch films on Saturday morning if we had a Friday night game, if a Saturday day game films on Monday and then full equipment after Mon thru Thurs if a Saturday game then Helmets and shoulder pads for walk through on Friday. If a Friday night game, Full pads Mon thru Wed and walk thru on Thurs. also had full equipment 2 a days for about 10 days with no dead period. Also had running program and agility program in the summer and had a winter lifting and agility program. Most played other sports so you would lift after your other practice. I know kids safety is most important but geez. How do you get in game condition if you can’t go full pads and have contact during the season..... Just my thoughts. Anyone else do something like I did 94 to 97?

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    Rule 13 everyone, and that means a period at the end of your sentences.

    13. Within reason, you must use correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar when posting on the forums.
    Any other takers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ABC2 View Post
    Short week??
    What are you talking about. I am sure they practiced Monday. And coach will not make that an excuse if they lose this week. Parents need to trust the process out there the coaching staff does a great job with what they have to work with.
    Boone County schools are not allowed to practice on holidays, so yes, it was a short week for all.

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    Most kids now are softer, just a fact. Air conditioning kills anyone when you stay in it all day then put the pads on. When you don't make contact much in practice, you can't expect to flip a light switch in the game and say (It's full go now). I see many more injuries now also, due to not being used to game speed and contact.