Apollo 2018

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    Apollo 2018

    What does Apollo need to do to improve in 2018? What do they need to keep doing to be successful? Remember, please be constructive.

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    They need to find a receiver to replace peters. He was your Mr. do everything. You have a very good running back, who gained 900+ yards last year (led the area in rushing). I believe the defense is where Apollo is going to need the most work. Coachhawk needs to walk the halls and grab some of the guys walking those halls and get them out for football. You do have athletes in the building. There is a freshman on the basketball team; if he isn't playing, he should be (possible TE, DE). I think they might take a step back from last year but they have a valid shot at being much much better than 2-9 which is where they've been for several years before last year.

    I wish coachhawk much success (except against owensboro), he does have some serious work ahead of him. Win the coaches, win the players, win the parents, win the administration, just win baby!!!!!! I believe that once you turn the corner on the culture, you won't have a bunch of kids leaving their schools to come play at Apollo, but you will keep the kids that you would loose in other years.

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    Apollo wrapped up their spring practice on Friday with their Blue-White game. Check out what new coach Phil Hawkins had to say:
    Apollo coach Phillip Hawkins talks spring progress – Homers Radio Network