Adam Dempsey from Highlands?

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    I know Tony and Adam went to a ton of camps this past summer. I know that this isn't why these kids don't have scholarships yet...[/QUOTE]

    What's your point? I stated mine and I think we all agree that its not Dale's lack of effort in helping seniors play at the next level. You just posted that you know its not from the lack of attending camps this past summer...
    I really don't have a point.. I was just pointing out that they went to camps over last summer so this couldn't be the reason that they weren't getting D1 looks..

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    Adam is a fantastic player but I think he is real similar to Slusher from Beechwood. Size/frame wise they may be a little shy of where a typical D1 lineman should be.

    That is not to say that either player can't play at that level, but to say they are tweeners.
    I can't speak for Slusher, but Dempsey is pretty baby faced still. He could shoot up another inch or two.