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1. Trinity – (4-0) The Rocks pulled off a close one against #2 Male and hold on to the top spot. The Bulldogs coaching staff did their homework scouting Trinity noting the rocks susceptibility in the long pass and capitalized on this with four long TD passes. However, the Rocks came from behind and took the lead late in the fourth quarter for the win. Next week the Rocks visit unbeaten PRP.

2. Male – (3-1) The Bulldogs lost but it was a three point loss to the #1 team in Kentucky on their home turf. Because of this, Male stays at #2. The Dogs take on Seneca next week in what should be a very easy win.

3. Dupont Manual – (3-0) The Rams were idle over the weekend but still hold onto the third spot. This weekend the Manual takes on Ballard in the Feature Game of the week. The Bruins may be the strongest opponent Manual will face so far this year.

4. St. Xavier – (3-1) St. X surges back into winning again by routing Central 51-7. Next week X invites the Highlands Bluebirds to their home. The once mighty Bluebirds are struggling mightily this year and one has to think the Tigers take this one with much trouble.

5. Louisville Christian Academy – (3-1) LCA keeps looking strong with a dominating performance over Oldham County. Next week’s game versus North Oldham should really not be much of a competition.

6. Pleasure Ridge Park – (4-0) PRP wraps up the “sane” part of the schedule with an unblemished record but that will change soon the Panthers enter the “insane” part of the schedule with (in order) Trinity, St. X, Male, Butler, Manual and Central. No offense to PRP but winning three of these would be a great accomplishment.

7. Fern Creek – (3-1) Quality win by the Creekers over a solid Butler team. Next week will be a more formidable opponent in DeSales.

8. Ballard – (3-1) Not much was expected of Western and the score showed it (42-6). That will not be the case next week as Ballard takes on Manual in the Featured game of the week.

9. St. Francis DeSales (3-1) DeSales regrouped after its tough loss to Ballard and overwhelmed fellow Southend Catholic HS Holy Cross 54-0. Next week will be a tougher opponent in Fern Creek.

10. Central Hardin – (3-1) Central took an unexpected to South Warren. The loss drops Central but not out of the rankings. Redemption comes next week against undefeated North Hardin. Some could argue North Hardin deserves the #10 spot which is a valid argument. Well, this weekend they can prove that.

Honorable Mention – these are the teams that just missed the Top Ten and are positioned to step up when those ranked stumble and fall out of the rankings

North Hardin – (4-0) It was difficult to not rank North Hardin being undefeated but they have the chance to jump into the rankings playing South Warren this weekend.

South Oldham – South Oldham stays undefeated but faces Northern KY Boone County this week which could determine how strong South really iss.

Team on the Rise – Pleasure Ridge Park will take the award this week due to a nice win over John Hardin

Team on the Decline – Central Hardin will be the team on the decline due to a disappointing loss to South Warren.

Featured Game of the Week – Manual versus Ballard