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6A Notebook: District Championships

We are now into the second round of the playoffs where the remaining teams will play for their district championship. The first round was dominated by the higher seeds winning in every case but one. The lone lower seed winning was Dixie Heights over Ryle and that was a 2 vs 3 matchup. The second round has some better matchups that we’ll look at.

District 1

#1 McCracken County (8-3) is coming off a great performance in all phases with a 57-0 victory over #4 Apollo (4-7). #2 Henderson County (8-3) defeated #3 Daviess County 36-16 with a good offensive performance. #1 McCracken County and #2 Henderson County will face off, and in the previous meeting Henderson County won 33-28. In the previous meeting, Henderson County amassed 495 yards total offense in a balanced attack. McCracken County had 345 total yards with 228 yards through the air. McCracken County is playing at home and coming off a very good performance over Apollo and will be looking for revenge over Henderson County. This looks to be a competitive game.

District 2

#1 North Hardin (11-0) is coming off another stellar defensive performance defeating #4 Barren County (6-5) 24-0. #2 Central Hardin (9-2) defeated #3 Meade County (4-7) through a good offensive performance 42-20. #1 North Hardin and #2 Central Hardin will meet again, and in the previous meeting North Hardin defeated Central Hardin 7-0. In the previous meeting, North Hardin held Central Hardin to 164 total yards with only 27 yards on the ground. For Central Hardin to win they will need to improve their offensive numbers which will be tough to do as North Hardin has been good on defense all season. North Hardin will be playing at home and should be another competitive game.

District 3

#1 Manual (9-2) defeated #4 Pleasure Ridge Park (2-9) 42-22. #2 St. Xavier (7-4) overcame 4 turnovers to defeat #3 Butler (4-7) 28-8. #1 Manual and #2 St. Xavier played a very close game in previous meeting with Manual defeating St. Xavier 20-19. In the previous meeting, Manual had 203 total yards with St. Xavier having 242 total yards, but only 8 yards passing. For St. Xavier to win they will have to improve in the passing game compared to the last meeting. Whichever team wins the turnover battle will most likely win. This should be a very competitive game and worth the price of admission.

District 4

#1 Male (11-0) defeated #4 Southern (4-7) 43-0. #2 Fern Creek (8-3) defeated #3 Bullitt East (5-6) behind a dominating offensive performance 62-33. #1 Male and #2 Fern Creek played a competitive game in the first meeting with Male pulling away in the 2nd half 34-21. Fern Creek had 270 total yards in the first meeting with 244 yards on the ground. Male amassed 457 total yards with 280 yards in an aerial assault. Fern Creek is coming into this game playing very well but step up in competition playing the #1 6A team in the State. Male should win a competitive game due to their strong offense.

District 5

#1 Trinity (9-2) defeated an overmatched #4 Marshall County (2-9) 63-0. #2 Ballard (6-5) defeated #3 Eastern (3-8) 44-6. #1 Trinity and #2 Ballard will meet again with Trinity winning the previous meeting 45-7. Trinity had 392 total yards in first meeting and held Ballard to 12 yards rushing. Trinity should cruise to another win in this one.

District 6

#1 Simon Kenton (7-4) defeated #4 Campbell County (1-10) 24-14. #3 Dixie Heights (5-6) upset #2 Ryle (5-6) 18-6. #1 Simon Kenton will meet #3 Dixie Heights, In the previous meeting Simon Kenton defeated Dixie Heights 43-27. In the first meeting Simon Kenton rolled up 490 total yards in a balanced attack. Dixie Heights had 288 total yards with 190 yards through the air. Dixie Heights has improved since their first meeting and this should be another competitive game.

District 7

#1 Tates Creek (7-4) defeated #4 Henry Clay (0-11) 48-27. #2 Paul Dunbar (7-4) defeated #3 Lafayette (2-9) 27-19. #1 Tates Creek will meet #2 Paul Dunbar again with Tates Creek winning the previous meeting 46-7. In the first meeting, Tates Creek amassed an eye popping 620 total yards with 423 yards through the air and held Paul Dunbar to -5 yards rushing. Paul Dunbar will have to significantly improve on defense to withstand Tates Creek’s passing attack to make this game competitive.

District 8

#1 George Rogers Clark (7-4) defeated #4 Madison Central (1-10) 35-20. #2 Oldham County (7-4) defeated #3 Bryan Station (3-8) 60-24. #1 George Rogers Clark will meet #2 Oldham County, and George Rogers Clark won the previous meeting 28-26. George Rogers Clark had 342 total yards in the previous meeting. Oldham County had 318 total yards with 246 yards of those through the air. This looks to be another highly competitive game. The turnover margin could be key in this game.