6A Notebook (9/30): District Rundowns

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    6A District Rundowns

    Having completed the first part of season which is the non-district portion for most teams. One exception is McCracken County who has already played two district games. Teams have tuned up for district play and now will play those familiar faces you see year after year with the exceptions being teams moved up and around for re-alignment. The district play is important because they have playoff implications for the first two rounds and each team will play a district rival for a second time, and will determine seeding for first round games, and determine who plays at home. Also, district play will have impact on a team’s RPI number. Let’s take a look at each district. I’m also including each team’s current average victory margin and since schedules aren’t comparable, I’m also including Calpreps.com strength of schedule rating and between the two you can get a good idea about each team to this point.

    District 1: Apollo, Daviess County, Henderson County, Marshall County, and McCracken County.

    District 1 is the only district with 5 teams and the last place team for the first round of playoffs will be sent to play a first round game against the winner of district 5, which will most likely be the Trinity Shamrocks, so you really don’t want to finish last in this district. The other unique thing about this district is McCracken County has already played two district games and is 2-0. This district looks to come down to McCracken County and Henderson County for #1.

    1. McCracken County (4-2)(2-0) MOV: 13.8ppg SOS rating: 1.4
    2. Henderson County (4-1)(0-0) 8.0, -.1
    3. Daviess County (2-4)(1-0) -9.0, -1.2
    4. Apollo (2-4)(0-1) -16.3, .4
    5. Marshall County (2-4)(0-2) -22.0, -10.5

    District 2: Barren County, Central Hardin, Meade County, and North Hardin.

    District 2 has two heavyweights at the top in North Hardin and Central Hardin who will slug it out for #1. Barren County has a good record but has played the weakest schedule in 6A and will have a decisive game with Meade County for third place.

    1. North Hardin (6-0) (0-0) 26.0, 2.9
    2. Central Hardin (5-0)(0-0) 30.6, -6.0
    3. Barren County (5-1)(0-0) 17.8, -21.1
    4. Meade County (2-3)(0-0) - 5.6, -11.6

    District 3: Butler, Manual, Pleasure Ridge Park, and St. Xavier.

    District 3 looks to be a 3 team race between Butler, Manual, and St. Xavier. All 3 teams have played a tough schedule to date, but St. Xavier and Manual look like the teams to beat. Butler has talent so could play spoiler to Manual or St. Xavier. Pleasure Ridge Park has played the 2nd weakest schedule in 6A and is down this year in a tough district.

    1. St. Xavier (4-2)(0-0) 6.7, 23.0
    2. Manual (4-1)(0-0) 12.8, 4.2
    3. Butler (3-3)(0-0) 4.2, 8.2
    4. Pleasure Ridge Park (2-3)(0-0) -2.2, -20.0

    District 4: Bullitt East, Fern Creek, Male, and Southern.

    District 4 has 6A power Male at the top and everyone else is playing for 2nd. Fern Creek and Bullitt East will be the contenders for 2nd place with Southern finishing 4th, and has played the 3rd weakest schedule in 6A.

    1. Male (5-0)(0-0) 27.0, 23.8
    2. Fern Creek (4-2)(0-0) 7.8, 6.3
    3. Bullitt East (4-2)(0-0) 7.7, -5.9
    4. Southern (3-3)(0-0) -4.2, -17.7

    District 5: Ballard, Eastern, and Trinity.

    District 5 has power Trinity at the top with Ballard 2nd , and Eastern 3rd in a tough district. Trinity has also played the toughest schedule in 6A. For the playoffs the last place District 1 team will be the #4 in this district.

    1. Trinity (5-1)(0-0) 25.7, 32.7
    2. Ballard (3-3)(0-0) 8.7, 15.2
    3. Eastern (2-4)(0-0) -10.8, -1.6

    District 6: Campbell County, Dixie Heights, Ryle, and Simon Kenton.

    District 6 looks to be battle between Ryle and Simon Kenton, with Dixie Heights in the hunt. Ryle has played the 5th toughest schedule in 6A. Campbell County looks outmanned in a competitive district.

    1. Ryle (3-3)(0-0) -5.3, 20.9
    2. Simon Kenton (3-3)(0-0) -6.8, 14.4
    3. Dixie Heights (2-3)(0-0) -9.8, 7.8
    4. Campbell County (0-5)(0-0) -35.2, 16.4

    District 7: Henry Clay, Lafayette, Paul Dunbar, and Tates Creek.

    District 7 looks to be a toss-up district with Tates Creek looking to be the favorite. Henry Clay could possibly finish 1st or 2nd despite being 0-5 since they have played the 4th toughest schedule in 6A. Lafayette and Paul Dunbar look to be 3rd or 4th, but wouldn’t be surprising if either finished up higher.

    1. Tates Creek (2-4)(0-0) -10.0, 9.1
    2. Henry Clay (0-5)(0-0) - 24.4, 22.0
    3. Lafayette (1-5)(0-0) -24.1, 13.2
    4. Paul Dunbar (3-3)(0-0) -1.3, -11.1

    District 8: Bryan Station, George Rogers Clark, Madison Central, and Oldham County.

    District 8 looks to be another competitive district with Oldham County looking to be the top team but not by a lot. The other 3 teams look to be competitive with each other. It will be interesting to see how this district shakes out.

    1. Oldham County (3-2)(0-0) -2.8, -1.2
    2. Madison Central (1-5)(0-0) -11.8, 3.7
    3. George Rogers Clark (2-3)(0-0) -9.4, -1.3
    4. Bryan Station (1-4)(0-0) -14.4, 0.1
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    Well done.

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