5A #2 Bowling Green at Warren Central (#1 team in Indiana)

Page 3 of The Purples (7-0) will make a three and a half hour trip to Indianapolis to face nationally ranked Warren Central (not to be confused with the Dragons)... 31 comments | 2197 Views | Go to page 1 →

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  • Bowling Green

    9 20.93%
  • Warren Central (IN)

    34 79.07%
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDeuce View Post
    Is it even worth playing Tisdale?
    I think you play him until game looks like won’t be close. If close game, you play to win. That would be a huge win for their program. If WC goes through their defense like a hot knife through butter and offense punts a couple times without scoring, then I would pull him and other key starters where don’t have a decent backup.

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    Weather looks to be miserable for fans and players. 80 percent chance of rain during most of the time window for the game tonight in Indy with temps in the low 40s. Doesn't appear to be a heavy rain so may be more of a drizzle.

    We will departing in a few hours for the trip to Indy. I'm not going to predict a score this week because too many variables of unknowns as far as who is playing and who is not playing for both teams. I will be happy if BG just comes away with zero injuries or anyone banged up.