3A #1 Belfry vs. Cabell Midland (WV)

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  • Belfry

    7 77.78%
  • Cabell Midland (WV)

    2 22.22%
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    3A #1 Belfry vs. Cabell Midland (WV)


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    This will probably be another big test for the Pirates. I'm hoping they can go into WV and get the win.

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    First of all I am doing this from pure memory and last time I looked I'm not an elephant! You want facts go to theguru and his great crew and Watusi! He is the Joe Friday of Blue Grass Preps! "Just the facts ma`am, just the facts!" I think he has everyone of them and they are all accurate from about the 17th Century on! When Belfry got blown out at Cabell Midland I think Midland had just scored and it was 14-7 Midland. Belfry then decided to play hot potato and made THREE straight fumbles with less than five minutes left in the first half either on kickoffs or 1st or 2nd down near their own goal and a close game made it 35-7 at the half! I think they made a total of 8 fumbles and an interception and the rest is forgettable history! I also read somewhere that was the BEST team Cabell Midland had ever put together! Not knocking them, they had a GREAT team and have the scat backs again, BUT, like Belfry, not as big up front and I think Belfry just about equals them in backs if not better! Nobody knows how many yards, (except for Watusi), how many yards Belfry's backs have put up individually or even their total yards gained collectively since they score on long runs usually on 1st or 2nd down before the running clock comes into play! Also, the very next game I think they had something like 7 fumbles and an interception against Lawrence County after CM and were trailing to a much less talented team with around two minutes to play at CAM with about 70-75 yards to go until Coach Haywood called a timeout and read them the riot act! They buckled their chin straps and drove down the field for the winning touchdown! Same thing with Huntington! Four or five fumbles AFTER leading 27-7 with just a couple of minutes left in the half! The rest of that one is history! Then they turned around and put the ball on the ground three or four times and threw an interception at Newport Central with better results winning that one! Bet Coach Haywood was scratching his head and wondering what made him continue to keep coaching! Since then I think they may have had one or two fumbles and a couple of picks from the JV and the defensive line has really started to play ball! The starters have needed more reps, BUT, the advantage to Belfry is they have gotten to give a lot of reserves quite a bit of quality playing time! I keep waiting on a screen or reverse! They have the speed and size on offense to pull them off if needed! Back to you guys and your thoughts! I am gonna put them on an even playing field with Boyle County right now! They are running over AND around their opponents, just don't forget the pigskin! I truly think we have a shot at #5 and that is with my head and not my heart! How far off am I?

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    There's already another thread on this game one of the Mod's needs to put both threads together.