2019 Playoff Alignment

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    While I am on my soapbox:
    I also have an issue with the fact the KHSAA gives schools no say as to who is in their District or how many teams are in it yet EVERY game counts in the RPI.

    For teams forced to play a 5-team District with 4 sub-par opponents you not only subject yourself to negative results compared to a team with a 4-team District and 3 "good but not great" teams, but that also gives the 4-team district programs an extra game of flexibility to schedule as they see best.

    I kind of wish for teams in a 5-team District there was a way to choose to drop their lowest District calculating win and instead opt to re-use the result of their lowest scoring Non-District game a second time. That way if you have a 1-9 and a 0-10 team you have to play, you can drop the point from the 0-10 win and instead use a non-district win over a 4-6 team for example.

    If a team chooses to drop out of District play at the last minute you may be stuck with a 9-game season as well.

    I have always said that teams to not compete in a District must wait until the next 4-year realignment to enter District play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ATLCat View Post
    My biggest issue with the RPI is it also has no power component.

    If St. X beats a 6-4 Cincy St. X by 36 points on the road, is is the exact same as if North Hardin beats a 6-4 1A Podunk Central Christian from Indiana at home by a last second FG.

    Conversely, assuming common opponents are equal, if DeSales plays up in class and beat a 7-3 6A Butler by 4 TD's (and Butler plays a bunch of 6A teams)... and if in the same class Etown plays down and beats a 7-3 Crittenden County by 4 points(Crittenden then plays a bunch of 1A and 2A schools) ... those are counted the same.

    I do respect the fact it is at least "trying" to take into account out of state competition and strength of opponent's schedule. I truly commend them for that.

    With that said, the info is out there to do better! This isn't 1980 anymore where you have to wait for the newspaper to see who won. Calpreps can keep up with out of state games, why can't this RPI system?

    Additionally, I feel as though wins should have either bonus points or negative points against them depending on if a school is "playing up" or "playing down" at the very least. Also, give bonus points for neutral site or road wins. I get that margin of victory is hard to quantify, but at the very least if a 1A team like Pikeville has the gumption to play a 5A team they should be rewarded versus a 5A team that goes and plays a 1A school with a roster a third of theirs.

    I am afraid there is going to be a race for bigger schools not to play the better schools amongst themselves in a effort to schedule smaller schools who rack up wins.
    I agree. Could limit margin of victory to 36 points so teams donít blow out weaker teams to increase ratings.

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    Second round game is the "District Championship" since its all intra-district.
    Third round game is "Regional Championship" and is seeded based on rankings in each half of the state 1-4.
    Semifinals are SemiState, which I guess is a thing, but feels dumb, since state semifinals seems fine to say.

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    Is it possible that one of the unstated goals of this RPI system is to convince teams like Trinity that play a lot of out-of-state teams to start scheduling more in-state opponents? I guess that sounds like a conspiracy theory, but unless there is some credit given for losing close games to great teams, there will be more incentive to schedule more games against average teams. It’s hard enough for some schools to find opponents as it is. I’m interested to see how it plays out, but when the same teams wind up getting four home playoff games almost every year, there will be an outcry over that as well. No system will please everybody.

    I predict that the system will change again in two or four years. Either we will go back to the rotating odd and even year hosting system of the last 40 plus years, or the RPI calculation will be changed in some fashion.

    A bit of historical trivia: In the first years of the Super Bowl era, the NFL had a rotating system of which division champion would host each round of the playoffs. The undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins had to go on the road to Pittsburgh to win the AFC Championship. There was no consideration of a number one seed then. Seeding started sometime after that. I understand the desire for seeding the high school playoffs, but it’s harder to quantify that with a much more wide-ranging array of teams than what is found at the professional level.