2019 King of the Carpet Contest Round 4 Results

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    2019 King of the Carpet Contest Round 4 Results

    As always, the results won't be final for 24 hours. All contestants should use that time to check their score for errors. After that time period has passed, the contest is final and the winner should use the link below to claim the prize of choice. If you think your score is incorrect, please send me a PM and I will look into your claim.

    We had only one perfect score in Round 4 (Belfry spoiled a lot of entries). Congratulations to Hogman on his perfect score of 23.


    The weekly winner gets his/her normal prize:
    Contest Prizes for the 2019-2020 School Year

    Here are the results of the Round 3 King of the Carpet games:

    Belfry 15 DeSales 14 (super duper game)
    Paintsville 44 Kentucky Country Day 20 (super game)

    Covington Catholic 28 Bowling Green 0
    Mayfield 35 Beechwood 7
    Bell County 46 Taylor County 28
    Frederick Douglass 28 Owensboro 17
    Johnson Central 52 Madisonviile-North Hopkins 14
    Somerset 40 Breathitt County 25

    And here are the scores of the round 4 contestants:

    23 Hogman
    17 FSfan
    15 Squirrel
    15 Rebelstat
    15 colonel-fan
    15 DragonFire
    15 dmh115
    15 NEERFAN the grizzled contest veteran
    15 mcpapa
    15 Randy Parker
    14 MNCM
    13 Rebel
    10 16thBBall Fan

    And finally, here are the scores through Round 4 of 5. Please double-check your cumulative score as well as your Round 4 score.

    By the looks of things, we have a VERY competitive contest this year.

    57 DragonFire
    56 colondel-fan
    56 mcpapa
    55 Hogman
    55 NEERFAN
    51 Rebel
    51 Squirrel
    50 Rebelstat
    48 MNCM
    47 Randy Parker
    47 16thBBall Fan
    44 FSfan
    42 dmh113
    30 tackle trap
    30 Colonsls_Wear_Blue
    28 Dear Today
    15 newarkcatholicfan
    12 Tell It Like It Is
    8 ATLCat
    5 Tones

    To reiterate, please double-check your scores, thanks for playing, and I hope to see you in round 5!