2019-2022 Football Classification

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    I wonder if Ohio petitions to play up again, a district of Ohio, Daviess, Apollo and Meade could be plausible. Meade is 3rd region. 6A out West is a mess, then Mberg, Henderson, McCracken and Marshall. Put Hardin, Bullitt and 1 Louisville school in a district. Let The western teams play each other every year for a true region champion, quit rotating district junk in 6A.
    I didn't realize Ohio was playing up. If they are actually playing above the class they are supposed to, why do they play so many 2A schools? Why do they play any at all? Seems they would go to 5A since Apollo and Marshall move up.

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    I'm guessing in Northern Kentucky 1A they will leave Bishop Brossart in District 5 with Berea, Paris, and Nicholas County, and then go to a five team district for District 4 with Ludlow, Bellevue, Dayton, Newport, and Newport Central Catholic. Even with Beechwood gone, that would leave District 4 with the same winner, year in and year out.
    Yeah Ludlow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by icalldownfire View Post
    Yeah Ludlow.
    They haven't played one another in over a decade, but to put it very kindly, Ludlow historically has a bad time when they play Newport Central Catholic.

    No denying Ludlow has had a couple of great years, and that New Cath has been more on the sub-par side as far as New Cath teams go, but in a post-Blackburn era, what about Ludlow makes you think they're going to beat New Cath year in and year out?