2017 Highlands Football Banquet

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    The banquet was not bad at all, in fact it was it a very nice event. I have attended the banquet the "old" way with dinner and highlight video and this way with light refreshments and no video. Both venues and event styles have very successfully accomplished their intended purposes - to celebrate these young men and their accomplishments and growth this season. The coaches took time to speak about the Juniors/Sophomores looking ahead to next season & Seniors recapping success through the years. Here's what I can remember of awards:
    Underclassman MVP - Cooper Schwalbach
    Underclassman Mr. Highlands Football - Nick Bowman & Austin King
    Underclassman Offense MVP - Trent Johnson & Grady Kramer
    Underclassman Defense MVP - Brycen Huddleston
    JV Red Dog Spirit - Casey Greene
    JV Red Dog Spirit - Will Salmon
    JV Defense MVP - Conner Zell
    JV Offense MVP - Colin Hollingworth
    JV - Mr. Highlands Football - Adam Weyer & Dylan Turner

    Then there were a host of Senior awards. Most seemed interested in returning players so I just listed those. That's all I could remember (apologies if I missed anyone as it is possible). Hope that helps.