2013 Radio Broadcasts and Webcasts

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    2013 Radio Broadcasts and Webcasts

    Please post ONLY the Radio stations and Webcast links in this thread. This will give us a convenient and comprehensive broadcast and webcast list that everyone can refer to.

    Once you post the information, we will incorporate it into the broadcast list, and your original post will be deleted.

    To make things simple, post your information as close to the following format as possible:

    School Name
    Radio: 91.1 FM
    Webcast: www.bluegrasspreps.com

    Also, If you can help us with missing (or incorrect) information please post it in this thread.


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    Broadcast List

    Radio: 97.1 FM
    Webcast: Paul G Blazer High School Sports And Athletics News | iHigh.com - The Global Youth Network

    Bath County

    Radio: 97.7 FM
    Webcast: None

    93.1 FM
    Webcast: 93.1 WDHR - Today's Best Country

    Bishop Brossart
    Radio: None
    Webcast: index

    Bowling Green

    Radio: None
    Webcast: purplesnation.com

    Boyle County

    Radio: WRNZ-FM 105.1
    Webcast: hometownlive.net

    Breathitt County

    Radio: 97.3 WJSN
    Webcast: None

    Caldwell County

    Radio: 104.9 WAVJ
    Webcasts: WAVJ 104.9 The Wave - Homepage

    Casey County
    Radio: WKDO-FM 98.7
    Webcast: wkdofm.com


    Radio: 93.3 WXLN and 101.7 WVKY
    Webcast: POWER 93.3 FM | www.wxlnradio.com and myfroggyville.com

    Covington Catholic
    Radio: None
    Web:Covington Catholic High School: CCH Internet Radio

    Radio: WHIR-AM 1230
    Webcast: hometownlive.net

    Estill County

    Radio: 1550 AM
    Webcast: Homepage 1550 WIRV-AM | Where You Get It! | Irvine, Kentucky | wirvam.com

    Radio: Delay on WLGC 105.7 FM
    Home - WLGC RADIO

    Garrard County
    Radio: None
    Webcast: Garrard County High School Sports And Athletics News | iHigh.com - The Global Youth Network

    Fort Campbell
    Radio: WHVO 96.5 FM
    Webcast: www.oldies1480.com

    Radio: 104.9 WFKY
    Webcast: myfroggyville.com

    Franklin County
    Radio: 104.9 WFKY
    Webcast: myfroggyville.com

    Garrard County
    Radio: 105.1 WRNZ
    Webcast: WHBN WHIR WRNZ


    Radio: 1490 AM (WCLU)
    Webcast: WCLURadio.com or TuneIn Radio App

    Henderson County
    Radio: WSON AM 860 and FM 96.5

    Radio: None
    Webcast: Highlands High School - Welcome

    Knott County Central

    Radio: WKCB 107.1
    Webcast: WKCB.com

    Knox Central
    Radio: WKKQ-FM 96.1
    Webcast: WKKQ FM Radio

    Lincoln County
    Radio: WPBK-FM 102.9
    Webcast: WPBK FM - Lincoln County Local Radio

    Mason County
    Radio: WFTM Soft 96
    Webcast: WFTM Soft 96

    Radio: mywymc.com
    Webcast: None

    Mercer County
    Radio: WHBN-AM 1420
    Webcast: hometownlive.net

    Morgan County

    Radio: 102.9 FM
    Webcast: None

    North Laurel
    Radio: WKFC-FM 101.9
    Webcast: WKFC FM

    Powell County
    Radio: 104.9 FM
    Webcast: Moore Country 104.9 Home Page

    Rowan County

    Radio: 106.1 FM
    Webcast: wqxxonline.com


    Radio: 105.7 WLGC
    Webcasts: http://www.reddevilsports.com/

    Shelby County

    Radio: 93.3 WXLN and 101.7 WVKY
    Webcast: POWER 93.3 FM | www.wxlnradio.com and myfroggyville.com

    Trigg County
    Radio: WKDZ 106.5 FM
    Webcast: Homepage - WKDZ

    radio: AM 970 WGTK
    Webcast: trinityrocks.com

    St Xavier
    Radio: ClearChannel Louisville, assuming mostly AM 790 WKRD.
    webcast: 790krd.com

    Union County

    Radio: 101.3 WMSK
    webcast: wmskamfm.com

    Western Hills
    Radio: 104.9 WFKY
    Webcast: myfroggyville.com

    Whitley County
    Radio: WEZJ 104.3 (all games)
    Webcast: Steaming live on the internet From Station Website

    Radio: WEKX 102.7
    Webcast: On Radio Website
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    Tri State Internet Sports Radio will be broadcasting a full schedule of games this year and again into the playoffs. The audio is available on our website, TriStateInternetSportsRadio.com and video on our IHigh.com page.

    We will be all over North Central and NKY this year.

    Week 0—Friday August 23—Shelby County @ Henry County
    Week 1—Friday August 30—Dayton @ Lloyd Memorial
    Week 2—Friday—September 6—Bellevue @ Gallatin County
    Week 3—Friday September 13—Walton-Verona @ Holmes
    Week 4—Friday September 20—Dixie Heights @ Newport Central Catholic
    Week 5—Friday September 27—Cooper @ Scott
    Week 6—Friday October 4—Bishop Brossart @ Newport
    Week 7—Friday October 11—Trimble County @ Owen County
    Week 8—Friday October 18—Grant County @ Conner (Tape Delay)
    Week 9—Friday October 25—Ludlow @ Beechwood (Tape Delay)
    Week 10—Friday November 1—Holy Cross @ Campbell County

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    Fri Aug 23 WV at Bellevue 7:00
    Fri Aug 30 NewCath vs Cooper (at Dixie) 6:00
    Fri Aug 30 CovCath vs Dixie (at Dixie) 8:30
    Fri Sep 6 NewCath vs Campbell Co 7:00
    Fri Sep 13 Conner at Ryle 7:30
    Fri Sep 20 Scott at Holy Cross 7:00
    Fri Sep 27 Boone Co at Dixie 7:00
    Fri Oct 4 SK at Campbell Co 7:00
    Fri Oct 11 SK at Boone Co 7:00
    Fri Oct 18 Bellevue at Ludlow 7:00
    Fri Oct 25 Holy Cross at NewCath 7:00
    Fri Nov 1 Dixie at Cooper 7:00

    Nkysports.com broadcast schedule

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    TV Coverage:

    Beechwood vs. Covington Catholic (Oct 3, 7:30pm)
    Fox Sports

    Conner at Cooper (Oct. 3rd, 7:30 pm)
    WB64/STAR 64
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    Pegasus Sports Network - Oldham County, KY

    Pegasus Sports Network

    Hi All! It's been a while....

    Pegasus Sports Network will again cover Oldham County, North Oldham, and South Oldham high school football. The broadcast schedule:

    8/23/13 North Oldham vs. Evansville Central broadcast time 7:30 pm ET
    8/30/13 North Oldham vs. Oldham County broadcast time 7 pm ET
    9/6/13 North Oldham vs. Christian Academy of Louisville 7 pm ET
    9/13/13 South Oldham vs. Oldham County 7 pm ET
    9/20/13 South Oldham at North Oldham 7 pm ET
    9/27/13 South Oldham vs. Conner 7 pm ET
    10/4/13 South Oldham vs. Grant County 7 pm ET
    10/11/13 Oldham County vs. Fern Creek 7 pm ET
    10/18/13 Oldham County vs. Eastern 7 pm ET
    10/25/13 North Oldham at Collins 7 pm ET
    11/1/13 Oldham County vs. Jeffersontown 7 pm ET
    11/1/13 South Oldham vs. Bullitt Central 7 pm ET


    To watch / listen, go to The Pegasus Sports Network - PSN and click on one of the school logos. This will take you to our streaming page....broadcasts will be LIVE and also ARCHIVED. After experiencing some technical issues last year, Pegasus has moved to a new streaming partner and looks forward to an exciting season. Some games will be "internet radio"; others will include video.