10 Good Jobs

Page 2 of Some of the discussions about job openings brought to mind something a few coaches have said to me, over the years: "There are really only about 1... 16 comments | 2718 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    I don't think any JCPS school is a state top-10 job. Too many obstacles to overcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coach Preston View Post
    Just my opinion but I don't think any program can have a head coach or assistants that just sit back and take it easy. In order to play at a high level you need everybody doing their part. Some are in better shape with Admin. and support from QB club and community that is for sure. But I have always prided myself on putting in the time above and beyond what some might think I should. Our assistant coaches do as well. I think the off the field work and off season are critical areas. Merry Christmas coaches.
    I agree... To be successful, you must have a staff that works hard - and I didn't mean to imply otherwise. What I am saying is that, at some programs, that hard work produces more. Imagine a football program as a 4-wheel drive truck. Gotta have a great motor (coaching staff), but there are places that, all things being equal, the tires just get better traction.