Highlands 10 Holmes 1

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    Highlands 10 Holmes 1

    Let me start by saying that #9 for Holmes is fun to watch. He's the kind of player that gets lost here in the US. His high school team is not very good and I'm not sure if he can afford club or not. He has serious talent, and would be a great pickup for an Academy type team.

    That being said, Highlands goal bonanza saw 2 players get their first Varsity goals.
    Jackson Lehrter heads in 2 crosses from Max Farris (he added an assist as well) and George Gates got his first on a rebound and volley.

    The other scorers were Luke Schweitzer with 2 (6 on the season), Carter Holmes with 2 (4), Demetri Sarakatsannis (3), Caymon Stevie (8), Cary Gorrigan (4),