Covington Catholic roster

Page 7 of Looking at the roster posted on khsaa CC looks to have 38 players between jv and varsity. Ten seniors means that 4 to 6 Jr's on jv. I think Highlands n... 91 comments | 7677 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    I've followed very few teams that scoring was not an issue of concern. Given the very very tough schedule CCH has lined up this season, (will probably wind up being even more difficult then last season) goals will need to be team generated. Any team playing even close to this strength of schedule without having a 25-30 goal scorer on the roster will need to be creative, keep possession through the midfield and attack with numbers. If they can do this and share the ball, goals will come.

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    I agree, possibly the toughest schedule I can remember CCH playing.