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    Us Against The World

    I spent last night watching all ten episodes of Us Against The World, the documentary series about the Cordia Lions basketball program available for viewing on UPROXX | The Culture Of Now. I was a little disappointed in that I thought it would go into depth and explore Rodrick Rhodes's first few years, how the players got to Cordia, the suspension by the KHSAA, the All A state championship, and Roderick Rhodes being fired. All of that is actually covered in the first episode, with the remaining nine episodes taking Cordia through last season, up to its return to the All A state championship.

    While Rodrick Rhodes no longer was coaching the team, the show reveals that he was still very much a part of things. The show is pretty sympathetic to Rhodes and to the Cordia team in general. While it has a few short interviews with people voicing concerns about what was going on at Cordia, the show's approach is consistent with its title, i.e., this is little Cordia fighting against the rest of the Kentucky high school basketball world.

    The bottom line for me is that I was able to spend a few hours watching a show about high school basketball in Kentucky, which is a good thing. It also made me more determined to make it down to Lotts Creek this winter to see a game in person.