As I was looking over the Sweet 16 bracket, I was struck by how many teams have impact players who have transferred into the schools who will be at Rupp next week. Just going in order of the games played:

Buckhorn (Don't know of any but not well educated on Buckhorn)

Murray - Zach Flener (formerly of West Jessamine. Transferred when his dad got a position in the district)

Trinity (no idea but probably a safe assumption there are several transfers on their roster.

Newport Central Catholic (ditto for Trinity above)

Bowling Green - Thomas Booker (moved in before this season)

Elliot County (Don't know of any but not well educated on Elliott)

Dunbar - Taveion Hollingsworth (moved from Bryan Station district before high school) Believe Dontell Brown did also but don't know that for sure.

Mercer County - Malik Dow (Moved from Ballard to Mercer before last season) - Dylan James (Moved from Sheldon Clark before season started when his dad got a job in the district)

Lawrence County - Dalton brothers moved over from West Virginia a couple of years ago.

Doss - Have several transfers (both into and out of the program for the last year)

South Laurel - Caleb Taylor (from small school before last season)

Christian County - Jaylen Sebree (from UHA before this season)

Mason County (Don't know of any but not well educated on Mason)

Taylor County - David Sloan (Moved with Coach Gatewood 2 years ago). Dylan Gaines (moved from Warren East before the season)

South Oldham/Owensboro Catholic (know nothing about either team)

My point being, at least 9 of the 16 teams have impact players who are transfers into their school over the last 1-3 year period.

At this point, do you think this is a trend that will inevitably continue? Who is to blame for all of these transfers? Parents? Coaches recruiting? Kids wanting to play with friends? Evil AAU coaches?

Or am I just crazy and this season is an outlier?

Hopefully this can bring some good discussion.