Top Position Players in Region 9

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    Top Position Players in Region 9

    I know much of basketball tries to be "position-less" today, but if we were talking positions.... Who are the best guards (point & shooting), forwards (slashers & strong around the rim), and "bigs" (pos guys) in the 9th region for 2019-2020? Also, who are the best defenders?

    Guards: I like Draud (BWood), Disken (CCH), Vinson (HHS), Vieth (St.H), Bieger(BWood), White (Newport), Scott (Conner), Jefferson (NCC), Calloway (Holmes)

    Forwards: Vieth (StH), Bessler (StH), Skiles (Conner), Cody (Lloyd), Fields (Boone)

    Bigs: Green (CCH), Mullikin (NCC), Foster (Holmes), Sanders (Newport)

    Defenders: Hicks (Conner), Shea (StH),