Top Freshmen in the state

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    Just in NKY there is a lot of talent in the freshman class. These are the ones I know about who are starting, making contributions, or playing / dressing varsity basketball this year:

    Simon Kenton - Kelly Niece
    Beechwood - Scotty Draud
    St. Henry - Wyatt Vieth, Jude Bessler
    Boone County - Parker Fields
    Ryle - Tyler Bush, Gavin Rabe
    Conner - Riley Osterbur, Cole Skiles, Gabe Workman
    Scott - Grant Proffitt
    Highlands - Sam Vinson
    I am probably missing a few, sorry if so. Also, 8th grader Donovan Robinson for Ryle has been starting for them and 8th grader Cole Shumate scored his first varsity points this week.

    As I said, there is a lot of talent coming up from this freshman class as well as the current 8th graders. There are a lot of freshman who aren’t playing varsity due to various reasons - roster size, upperclassmen, talented teams, etc. They should be included on these lists as well:

    CovCath - Reese Murphy, Joseph Eubanks
    Conner - Ethan Ginn, Spencer Couzins
    Highlands - Luke Muller, Zac Barth (8th grader), Cam Hergott
    Beechwood - Will Rolf, Will Downton
    St. Henry - Tyler Kaiser
    Looks like the 9th region will be strong the next few years .