The 10 most Underated players in KY this season.....Your Opinion.

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    When you say underrated I think of players who don't get the preseason recognition that many others that have been mentioned on here did recieve prior to the beginning of the season. Someone who IMO got absolutely no preseason notice and played a very limited role on varsity last year is Ludlows Justin Hardin. Justin has averaged over 12 points and about 8 rebounds this year and on several occasions has had a double/double to help the Panthers when others on the team might be struggling. Justin has been a very nice compliment to Ludlows 2 other seniors (Penick and King) and IMO has to be considered one of the most improved players in the region. Justin is also a good student and a great kid. Hopefully he will receive the recognition he deserves after the season ends..
    Shawn Thompson is about as underrated as it gets going with your/my interpretation of underrated. He's averaging a double double and had something like 26 points 22 boards against the #1 ranked team in the Region going into the game!

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    Matt Fraliex from Caldwell County. Only a junior and is among the state leaders in scoring and three point shooting. Trigg Co.'s Rodney Davis and Jeremy Jones are two others that are having solid seasons.

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    Southwestern's Dustin Fothergill 6-3 185 Sr. Shooting Guard 23.2 pts. per game avg.

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    Chris Williams from Woodford County and Matt Anderson from Frankfort High are rarely talked about on here.

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    IMO Tyler Mains should be on the list. He is now a four year starter at Pendleton County and has compiled a 74-19 record over the past three years. Not to mention he has won two 38th district titles and one 10th region title.