Statement by AHSAA (Alabama) Central Board of Control President Johnny Hardin

Page 3 of Alabama High School Athletic Association Central Board of Control (AHSAA News) - 1/7/19 As President of the Alabama High School Athletic Association Ce... 32 comments | 1103 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    If I was you I wouldn't like me either. #Views #justdoit

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    Thanks for keeping up with the story and sharing it @PurplePride92
    No problem.

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    Just saw Bilas discuss this on SportsCenter. Agree with him on a couple of points. One, even with today's ruling, it doesn't necessarily mean good news for the young lady. Typically the courts have sided with the state and their role as the governing, tonight may be her only game. They (the AHSAA) may take this all the way to the Alabama Supreme Court to defend their position.
    The other thing that I agree with him on is, that this provides a perfect "out" for the AHSAA to allow her to play and still save face. But, I also agree with him, that they won't.

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    AHSAA is focused on their members "doing things right" which is an agenda for always coming up short. In business we always focused on "doing the right things" which leads to success more often than failure. AHSAA do the "right thing" and let her play.