St. Patrick 104 Silver Grove 48

Page 4 of St. Pat with 21 threes. Baylen Bauer had ten of them and Brevin Jones had nine. 0 0 0    ... 49 comments | 5407 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Good life lessons it sounds like in this one. In life sometimes you are on the end of a beat down and sometimes you do the beating. If this game carries any long term scars, then shame on the parents. Lifes not fair, play the victim or learn and grow and change your destiny.

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    Hey we were getting beat by 30 Friday night and with 3 minutes left in the game the other team was still pressing us. I just looked at my assistant coach and made the comment that we need to work on our press break anyway and shrugged it off. Would I do that to another team? No. Is that bad form/sportsmanship? I'd say so. What can you do? Learn from it and move on, not much else you can do,

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtb19 View Post
    Ok I'm sick of this. Did Mason County show one ounce of remorse for running up the score on St. Pat? Did Brossart? Did Pendleton? Did Louisiville Collegiatte? Did New Cath? Did Anderson? No, and none of them got one bit of guff about it. But as soon as the school that isn't supposed to do these things does the sky is falling. Coach Rigdon played his bench plenty, and won with class. GET OVER IT!
    Pendleton County's starters barely played after halftime. Hardly running it up. Check facts before you spout off.

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    ........And Brossart beat you 76-52 - now there's a real beat-down.

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