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With so much snow and many games cancelled around the state I thought I would try a game with the BGP community to remedy our basketball addiction. Six Degrees of Basketball separation. Many have heard that every human on the planet can be connected through 6 people. Can the same be applied to basketball in the state of Kentucky across different periods of time!

Objective: Connect the player or coach to one another through basketball only. You must connect person A to person B using no more than 6 people (person A and person B count toward your 6).

Rules: For a connection to exist the two individuals must have played in the same game against/with one another or coached against/with one another (assistants do count), or played/coached against/with one another. In short, they had to part of the team or staff that entered a contest on a given night and could have been either teammates or opponents. They could not be spectators or have met somewhere for the connection to count, it has to be through a basketball contest.

An example of a possible connection:
Player A was in a game that Coach B lead the opposing in. Coach B coached against Coach C. Coach C coached a game that player D appeared in. Player D played in a game with player E. Player E was coached by Coach F early in his career. Thus Player A is connected to Coach F through six people and six basketball contests.

Can you make the connection?:
(1) Carson Williams (Owen County) to Kobe Bryant's 81 point game.
(2) Scott Ruthsatz (Cov Cath Coach) to Red Auerbach (Celtics Coach)
(3) Tommy McKenzie (Johnson Central Coach) to Jerry West
(4) Quentin Goodin (Taylor County) to Michael Jordan
(5) Tim Haworth (Hoptown Coach) to James A. Naismith

This will be taxing and is geared more towards the basketball historians. I have tried to spread the questions around different areas of the state and have more to come if this seems to take off. Good luck if you decide to play!