Simon Kenton 85 Campbell County 78

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    Congratulations to the Neers.... Turnovers and fouls killed the Camels. The Camels them self shot well from the charity stripe, 86.6% 13 for 15 I believe, but it seemed like Simon Kenton scored twice that amount. Before someone reads more into this that I mean. I'm not complaining about the fouls. The Camels put them on the foul line, and they put up a lot up points from the foul line. Anyone have that stat for the Neers.
    Campbell County 13-15 from the line. SK 19-27 from charity stripe.
    Camels shoot 46% overall while SK shoots 68% overall (there's all your lay ups off the press)
    I had both teams with 15 turnovers
    Even game throughout the first as Pioneers go up by as many as 7, but Camels cut deficit to 21-19 after one. Pioneers outscore Camels in 2nd to lead by 9 at half. Camels turn up the defensive intensity out of the locker room and work their way back to take a quick 51-50 lead but trail after three periods 52-51. Camels press in the 4th and SK goes on 10-0 run. As previously mentioned, the press didn't seem to bother SK. Camels gave up too many easy baskets and the 4th quarter became a track meet.

    IMO the Camels can score in many ways. Putting up points is not the issue. If they are going to make a run in the tourney, it's going to be because they decide to flat out get after somebody on defense and cut down on the turnovers. Defense wins championships.