Scott 64 Simon Kenton 53

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    Robinson 13 and 13
    Kelch 13
    Niece 12

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    I didnít see them play man one possession this game. Unless i fell asleep somewhere along the line. 2-3 zone

    I agree regarding their makeup. The earlier game I watched them I thought they would give sk fits with their preassure but they didnít really play man this game

    However their zone was effective as they were really out in the passing lanes. Skís young guard/ forward must of had 10 balls deflected and I thought that had a huge impact on the game. Why sk did not adjust is beyond me

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    Scott played zone according to this story in the Tribune. See coach's comments about SK's turnovers against a zone.
    Scott boys’ basketball team picking up where it left off last season without all-time leading scorer | NKyTribune