Ryle 72 Campbell County 68

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    Of course people are entitled to their own opinion. I just made mine known and think I have the results to back it up. Every team cannot be good. Each year there are a few teams that disappoint based on personell and expectations. My opinion is nothing more than that.

    Not saying Ryle is not on the rise or CC can't turn it around. But not looking great of late for the Camels.

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    I have not seen CC play this year until last night but they look to have a lot of potential to be good. They have a really good looking player in the middle. He is a 6'7 sophomore with some good post game. He will be a beast over the next couple of years. Jackson is also a very nice player. He is a very good slasher who could score at the rim and from deep. I though Ryle controlled the game last night and was the better team. Nice job by all of the Ryle players last night. They had about 8 players contribute and they played with a lot of energy. I am wondering how NKy rankings have St Henry, SK or Campbell above Ryle. Saw them play all three and they were clearly better than SK and St Henry.