Ryle 59 Boone County 58

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcs7 View Post
    Sorry the foul differential was 25 to 14 Boone lost two of their starters including Ethan Haynes so to say this game was equal is an underestimation
    So tired of Boone fans always blaming the refs when they lose a game. Boone should have never lost to Ryle with or without Ethan Haynes. I'm sure Boone took them too litely and got beat. Accept it. Learn from it, and move on.

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    Wow! Great win for the Raiders and V Rankin!

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    Glad Rankin had a great game! Might quiet those nothing special predictions. I have seen him play. I am glad he played well!!!

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    In a season full of headscratchers, and hard to predict games in the 9th, this one so far just might top the list. At least I know that for me it's the one that got the biggest "Say What?" reaction out of me.

    Beechwood beating Newport in the All 'A' probably comes in close second as I didn't bother attending thinking it would be a blowout considering the Wildcat's dismantling of Holy Cross just the night before.

    I think that we all believe that Boone is and can be a good team, but inconsistencies like this will be the death of them. Is it possible that for lack of much success in recent years that the winning tradition has yet to catch back up in the minds of their current talent?

    Congratulations to the Ryle Raiders on a huge and impressive win.

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    Congratulations to Ryle and especially Vince Rankin.

    Which team wants to win this district? Cooper, Ryle, and Boone have traded wins this season. It makes for an interesting post-season.