Robertson County 91 Bracken County 56

Page 2 of Final from Mt. Olivet Robertson dominated in ever facet of the game tonight. Running clock at the end of 3 quarters... 17 comments | 1173 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Congrats to the Black Devils on their huge win. I thought they had a chance to be really good before the season started with what they had coming back from last years region team. With the addition of Dixon and Swanston they are that much better. Looking forward to getting a chance to see them play this season.

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    Rules question: Offensive player gets fouled hard and is attended to by his coach, player stays in the game and shoots free throws and doesn't come out. I was just wondering if this rule was changed. It happened in this game and had no bearing on the outcome just a question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brooksville View Post
    Patrick Kelsch wanted to make a statement against his old school Bracken County and he did. No gameplan for Bracken County. It looked like somebody just rolled the ball out at the playground.
    The no game plan comment surprises me from Jason Hinson?? Maybe he's coaching too many teams and needs to just focus on varsity...?