Robertson County 59 Paris 57 (10th Region Class A Finals)

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    No other way to cut it. This is a massive upset. Consider this common opponent.

    Robertson County lost by 35 to estill county. Paris Beat estil by 4. That's insane.

    I love big upsets by this. On that note... Keep an eye on Frankfort vs. LCA. Frankly, it wouldn't be as big of an upset as this. But I think Frankfort's athleticism could give LCA trouble in that game.

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    Nice article from The Ledger-Independent's Evan Dennison, who did a really nice job covering the game last night:

    CARLISLE - Fourth time's the charm.

    For the first time in school history, Robertson County can claim the 10th Region All "A" Championship as theirs after a 59-57, thrilling win over not only the defending 10th Region All "A" champs in Paris, but the defending All "A" state champ as well.

    "If I could give everybody a piece of this net from the community I would. We had the biggest crowd here all week, we relied on their energy and enthusiasm to win this thing," Black Devils coach Patrick Kelsch said. "Everybody is still here cheering us on. This is for them, not me."

    Kelsch with tears in his eyes after the emotional victory, has been the coach the last two years with the program. Senior Mason Burden, playing varsity since eighth grade, couldn't hold his emotions back either.

    "This is the best moment I've ever experienced as a Robertson County Black Devil. I was in eighth grade and here in this game before, but it didn't mean as much to me at that time. This is the best feeling in the world," Burden said. "It's overwhelming. We all knew we could win this game and nobody else thought so. We were the only ones that believed and that's all that we needed."

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    This was a year ahead of schedule, but thought RC was still capable of this,albeit thought Bobo would be the difference maker(and he's still out with injury). If their district still draws and I'm PC, I would not want to blind draw this team as it gets more and more confident and gets Bobo back.

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    What a great game! Thumbs up to both teams and coaching staffs. Dixon and Dice played like seasoned vets. Schalach is definetly one of the best in 10th region. Cool under that pressure and was very unselfish with the ball. RC has a great future