There wasn’t a bunch of movement at the top of the rankings this past week. I look forward to it being an exciting week coming up before district play starts. Last week’s rankings are in parentheses ():

1. Male (23 -3) (1)
Male stays at the top of the 7th with two blowouts against Brown and Shawnee, and a double overtime slugfest with regional opponent Eastern. They finish the regular season with regional games against Waggener and Manual.

2. Trinity (22-6) (2)
Trinity seems to be clicking again just in time for the last week of the regular season. They manhandled E-Town and Owensboro, and had a solid double digit win over 11th region contender Lafayette. They hosts DeSales and Central this week.

3. Ballard (18-9) (4)
The Bruins started the week off with a hot shooting night, and handled Central in rather convincing fashion. They also secured the #1 seed in the 28th district with a win over Eastern. Ballard heads to IN for the last week with two games against Jeffersonville, and Brebeuf Jesuit.
4. St. Xavier (17-9) (3)
St. X started the week with a startling 1 point loss to Manual. The recovered nicely though with blowout wins over Brown and Holy Cross. The Tigers end the year with 6th region opponents Butler and Fairdale.

5. Eastern (15-9) (5)
The Eagles go 2-2 on the week, and hold on to the 5th spot in the rankings. They boasted blow out victories over Shawnee and Seneca in their first and last games of the week. They lost a heart breaker in double OT to #1 Male, and settled in for the #2 seed in their district with a loss to #3 Ballard. They have Atherton, a tough game against Scott Co., and Waggener to end the week.

6. DuPont Manual (15-10) (9)
Manual shoots up the rankings with a big week going 3-0. They beat St. X in a 1 point game early in the week. They also had two blowouts against Seneca and Atherton to finish out the week. They have a tough week with Doss, and finish the regular season against their rival, #1 Male.

7. Waggener (13-10) (7)
The Wildcats split the week against tough competition. They lost their first game to a very talented Doss team. They also blew out Central without starting PG Jacquess Hobbs.

8. Kentucky Country Day (12-8) (8)
KCD had two games scheduled against Western and North Hardin, but they must have been cancelled. I didn’t see any results on the KHSAA scoreboard for either game. They finish up with Holy Cross and Fort Knox this week.

9. Central (11-10) (6)
The Yellow Jackets had a tough week this week, finishing 0-3. They lost handily to Ballard, had another OT loss to Fern Creek, and a blowout loss to Waggener, in which their top 3 scorers didn’t player and the other starters got spot minutes. They have another tough week ahead with Seneca, Doss, and Trinity.

10. Christian Academy (13-12) (10)
CAL lost their only game of the week big to 8th region power Oldham County. The Centurions have a struggling Iroquois and a decent Collins squad this week.

11. Seneca (7-19) (11)
Beat Shawnee, but lost big to Manual and Eastern.

12. Atherton (6-22) (13)
Lost to Manual big, but picked up a win against Whitefield Academy.

13. Collegiate (8-13) (14)
Beat Walden and lost to Beth Haven this past week.

14. Shawnee (5-19) (12)
Went 0-3 against Eastern, Seneca, and Male.

15. Portland Christian (8-15) (16)
Went 1-2 on the week. Did pick up a win against Calvary Christian.

16. St. Francis (8-17) (15)
Got blown out by Beth Haven.

17. Brown (7-16) (17)
Went 0-3 against Male, St. X, and Burgin.

18. Walden (5-15) (18)
Lost to Collegiate big this week.