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Remember these rankings will be based on current play and not just the record or one good/bad game. There are two teams that are still above everyone else, but Graves County has been playing very well as of late and can make it a three way if they can keep it up. Here are the rankings as of 12/14/15.

1. Paducah Tilghman (3-0)
The Blue Tornados beat Murray in dominating fashion. They have been very impressive and are making a push for a top 20 ranking in the BGP rankings. They have had very balanced scoring (Hart 16.5 ppg, McEwen 15 ppg, Reed 13 ppg, and Dunigan 11.5 ppg, Warfield 10.5 ppg).

2. Murray (5-1)
Solid win over Graves County looked great, but then the lackluster performance at home against Tilghman means they still have work to do in order to win the Region. They are no doubt capable and have the talent to win the region, but right now they are only the second best team. They need to take care of business against Marshall Co. on Tuesday.

3. Graves (3-2)
Graves is beating who they are supposed to beat and playing close games but losing to better teams. If they can continue to keep games close against better talented teams, they can pull and upset in region, especially if they continue to improve. They need Vogt to do more than 14.8 ppg & 7.6 rpg.

4. McCracken County (5-0)
The Mustangs had a great OT win against Marshall County at home. This win has moved them up to the number 4 team in the region and that progress could continue if they keep playing solid ball. The Mustangs are deep with no player averaging more than 11.8 ppg, but having more than 8 players averaging 4 ppg or more.

5. Marshall (3-0)

Marshall drops ones spot to 5th because of an overtime loss to McCracken. They are still very good and will have the chance to avenge that loss in Jan. Right now they can make a big statement when they play at Murray on 12/15. If they can pull out a win there, they will move up in the rankings.

6. Carlisle (3-2)

Carlisle should be playing better against the regions upper teams. They are simply being handily beat by better teams while preying on lower ranked teams. I donít really see the Comets moving from this position unless they start playing better against tougher competition. This is not what we expected from Carlisle this year.

7. Ballard Memorial (2-2)

Solid win against St. Mary, but they were outmatched against P. Tilghman. I still believe that this team has a great talent in Williams 15.7 ppg and Cooperr 13.3 ppg, and I believe they will sneak in an upset sometime this year as well. Chance to pull and upset against Graves Co. 12/18 at home.

8. Fulton County (1-4)

Hard to measure this team with the other from rank 8 on because they havenít played anyone yet. The team has some talent, but needs to find some defense or they will drop in the rankings

9. Calloway County (1-3)
Nice win against St. Mary earlier this year, but since have been dominated by McCracken Co. and Graves Co. Rebuilding year not looking great right now. But this is a very young team.

10. St. Mary (2-4)
They beat Community Christian handily, but lost a blowout to Ballard Memorial and a close one to Livingston Central. Need to beat Mayfield in order not to drop in the rankings.

11. Mayfield (1-1)
Opened up the season with a nice win at home vs Hickman Co. Then they were put in their place by Murray. Can show where they stand against St. Mary and Carlisle this week.

12. Hickman County (2-3)
Won two games against not so good teams, held their own against Carlisle Co, but looked bad versus Mayfield. Donít look for that to improve this week against Ballard Memorial and P. Tighlman.

13. Fulton City (4-3)
Four wins looks great for this team, but all were against the bottom dwellers. They should beat them. Problem is Fulton City doesnít play a Region 1 top 5 all year so it will be hard for them to move up even though their record will reflect a better season.

14. Christian Fellowship (1-7)
Won their first game of the season against Carrol Academy, Tn. Look for their next win Christmas tourney.

15. Community Christian (0-4)
Looking forward to games against Dawson Springs on Jan 2 and Christian Fellowship Jan 11.

* Players to Watch
Devon Hart and Sayveon McEwen leading Paducah Tilghman in dominating fashion.

IMPACT Games this week

12/14 Graves Co. at Paducah Tilghman
12/15 Marshall Co. at Murray
12/18 Graves Co. at Ballard Memorial
12/22 University Heights at Paducah Tilghman