Radio Guys in NKY

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    Listened to Mustang radio a few games last year ... caught the brossart / Nicholas co football the next day just to see what he said about our guys and he did a good a good job of talking about our boys and our team even though he is a brossart guy , he still mixed in a lot of compliments for both teams and their efforts ... sorry about the cowbells guys , our mothers love ringing those damn things !!! Keep up the good work ...

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    Hats off to all the radio guys who spend countless hours preparing and bringing us high school broadcasts nightly. They create another level of insight and enjoyment for all sports fans. What an invaluable and appreciated asset they are to their respective programs!

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    Listened to nkysports last night. They did a pretty good job

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    I listened to @ColonelMike's broadcast of the WHS/GC game when I got home last night and they did a really nice job. Having a long-time coach on analysis is usually a good call, and Coach Holland was no exception. Nice work!