Pressing when up by 25 points

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    Lou Holtz told a great story once about when he was a young coach and they played Bobby Bowden’s WV team. WV ran it up. After the game, Holtz approached Bowden and said “why would you run it up? I thought we were friends.” Bowden’s reply “it’s not my job to keep me from scoring. It’s yours.” I’m paraphrasing a little, but that’s the story.

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    “It's hard to be humble when you're as great as I am." - Muhammad Ali

    Press until the final horn if that’s what you do.

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    I thinks it’s fine in the middle of the 3rd. That said, I keep reading, “if the opposing team is still competing”... what? They better still be competing. Otherwise the coaches message has gone sour, and the players have no passion/pride. Someone mentioned it, at 25 and in the 3rd, the team/coach should still believe they can win!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldercoach View Post
    VOR, have many more times than not agreed with you, and this question is in no way seeking your identity (Rules violation I definitely want to avoid); but, can you share what position your opinion might best be representing the most? i.e. active coach, inactive coach, parent of current team player, avid fan, or just an old-time ex of all of the above? I think many of these positions would feel quite differently and perhaps passionately about this subject.
    Let's just say I have been in all those roles and my view is no different regardless of the role I was/am in. When delivering the beating; show respect and don't get carried away. When receiving the beating; play hard, learn and get better.

    Yes, there is a time to back off. In general, I would say the easiest line of demarcation for time to back off is a running clock, OR when it is so late in the game no reasonable person thinks the losing team has any chance at all.

    I will say it again. The most important factor by far for me on the sportsmanship issue is the demeanor of the winning team. Don't gloat. Don't get overly enthusiastic. Be respectful. Recognize the fact that there is almost surely a team out there somewhere that can put the same beating on you and how would you want that winning team to handle it.

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    Like I will always say in these threads, it's all situational. Know the teams involved. I agree that 25 in the 3rd is not over the top no matter what. Also, agree with pressing as long as it's still competitive. You know when the other team has folded. Finally, if you are of the mind of pressing reguardless of the score--I can agree with that if it's two equally competitive teams. I wouldn't have a problem being pressed down 25 or even 35, if I felt it was helping my team get better (again, back to the "competitive" part of the argument).

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    [QUOTE=Voice of Reason;6657565]

    Yes, there is a time to back off.

    VOR, I totally agree with your Post#19. I just didn't see a hint of "a time to backoff" in your Posts #3 & 11. That's why I questioned further. Thanks.

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    I think there is also a difference between pressing with your starters and with your reserves. If you are in the fourth quarter up 25+ and have taken out your starters (and second stringers too), you have to allow the kids who don’t get very much playing time to play full out as well. You want to see them play their best in your system. While the other team may be outmatched, you still have to let the kids play.