Pendleton County at Scott Thoughts and Predictions

Page 2 of Coach Belcher and the Wildcats travel to Taylor Mill tonight to take on perennial 10th region contenders Scott. Pendleton's first real test of the seas... 18 comments | 1969 Views | Go to page 1 →

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    Scott will have trouble with DA due to their size, but I don't believe DA can beat this team by himself. Scott by 12.

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    Scott wins by double digits. They just have too much for PC in a few positions, and Fromeyer will have his defense ready to corral DA as much as possible, which isn't much

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    One of the most notable differences Coach Fro's Eagles made from the previous regime, is that Fro's team plays defense. They REALLY play defense.

    With that said, I think they lock up the Cats tonight in Taylor Mill and post a somewhat lopsided win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by I gotta go to work View Post
    Scott has 7 region opponents on the schedule this year. By comparison GRC also has 7 region opponents. However, the 40th district plays two seed games while the 37th plays one seed game so GRC plays 10 region games. Even for some Class A schools that play teams twice a year that inflate the amount of region "games" on their schedule. In the 37th district Campbell plays 10 region opponents. Brossart plays 8, then the All A tourney. All 3 play many NKY teams in their division of the NKAC.
    They’re out in the region twice this season. Once in Alexandria and once in Cynthiana.