NKY/9th Region Awards

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    Quote Originally Posted by balls03 View Post
    I appreciate your opinions. I just don’t see it. Draud plays for lowly Beechwood sits in corner and jacks balls. I watched him have turnover after turnover in many games and he can not dribble Best freshmen in NKY and it’s not even close is Kelly Niece. Kid has a big time game who can read screens, score, defend, rebound. Draud living off Daddy’s name won’t make it to D1 just jacking balls and trying to score points. My opinion. Spencer and Houston will have to get a lot better. Of course they looked okay playing with Kunkle where night in and not out every defense was trying to stop Kunkle, Runion, McNeil. I’m not touting the Colonels and their arrogance rubs me wrong at times. I just see more talent with the best coach in Park Hills. Six straight regional finals beat one in my book.
    Good call on Niece in the 8th...he definitely showed a lot of skill and maturity for a freshman, and will no doubt continue to greatly impress throughout the rest of his high school career.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SECRules View Post
    CCH will continue to dominate the 9th next year.

    The only dfference is that they wont have a player averaging more than 16 a game.

    Instead they will win playing team ball and could have 4 or 5 players average around 10. This is exactly how they have gone undefeated in JV the last 2 years.

    Thelen, Maher, Fleek, Greene, Disken, and Davin are all capable of putting up 15 to 20 on a given night.

    I agree that Newport, Cooper, Dixie, and Beechwood will be the contenders.
    I see eight kids playing 16-20 minutes a game..... and all averaging between 8-14. Next years team won’t be as talented but I expect them to get out of ninth.